Letters From Jehovah’s Witnesses in England Blame COVID Pandemic on Satan, Media Says

The religious group's statement claims that “God has promised exciting changes for the near future” and is “going to end suffering and make life on earth a delight for us.”
Residents of the town of Sutton Coldfield, in Birmingham, England, recently discovered strange handwritten notes on their doormats, with at least one of the missives blaming the coronavirus pandemic and various natural disasters on Satan, Birmingham Live reports.
According to the media outlet, a recipient of one letter, Justin Tooze, expressed concern about the tone of the message, apparently written by a member of the breakaway Christian sect Jehovah’s Witness*.
"Over the past 18 months events around the world seem to have escalated, from the pandemic to wild fires, flash floods and humanitarian challenges. This has led to many people wondering if there is a God why does he allow so much suffering?" the letter offers. "From my study of the Bible I have learned that God is not responsible for bad things that happen to us. In the Bible book of John 5v18 it explains that 'the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.' That wicked one is Satan an invisible spirit who rebelled against God."
The letter mentions "good news", in the form of a God who has "promised exciting changes for the near future" and is "going to end suffering and make life on earth a delight for us."
The message then suggests that those whose curiosity has been piqued either contact the sender directly or to visit the faith-based group's website.
“Personally, I don’t mind people preaching, it’s up to them. But, when it’s a random letter that mentions Satan, the pandemic and wildfires, I didn’t totally understand what it was," Tooze remarked. “If anybody is going through the issues I’m going through, or the vulnerable, it could affect them.”
"It is preaching verses of the Bible and stuff like that and when I was trying to read it, I found it hard to understand and thought what’s going on?" he added. "If anybody is suffering with mental health issues and receives these letters, how are they going to react? It might be somebody out there who’s received one of these letters and is a bit intimidated by it."
Tooze noted that, while his girlfriend simply told him to ignore the message, "people who are vulnerable" could "take it the wrong way."
Andrew Schofield, who claims to be a spokesman for the local Jehovah’s Witnesses sect in the UK, reportedly explained that current restrictions implemented in the country amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have not prevented, members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses from canvassing neighborhoods, as they "remain active in trying to reach as many people as possible.”
"Some, as part of their personal ministry may choose to send letters by post to their neighbours to offer encouragement and invite them to look at the website," he said, adding that his religious sect, despite their dire warnings about a 'Satan' is "motivated by love of neighbour when reaching out to people to offer comfort from the Bible."
*Jehovah's Witnesses is an extremist organization banned in Russia