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    Zinoviev Club

    • March honors the founding of Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Kiev
      Last update: 19:02 14.04.2015
      19:02 14.04.2015

      The Cost of a 'Bright Future' in a Primitive Cave

      Economic and political sanctions on Russia will cause collateral damage to the EU, says Zinovyev Club’s Co-Chair Olga Zinovyev.

    • Easter in Russia
      Last update: 18:58 14.04.2015
      18:58 14.04.2015

      Russia Finds a National Idea

      By 2017-2018, the idea of civilizational development will dominate the Russian mentality, argues Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin.

    • Monument to Lenin toppled in Kharkov
      Last update: 18:42 14.04.2015
      18:42 14.04.2015

      The Logic of Lies

      Timofei Sergeitsev: In Ukraine, people are dealing with Universal Managed Democracy.

    • Civil Platform Party's federal civil committee holds meeting
      Last update: 18:38 14.04.2015
      18:38 14.04.2015

      Dismantling the Welfare State

      Zinoviev Club member Pavel Rodkin analyzes Mikhail Prokhorov’s major new policy article and explains where global capitalism’s local emissaries want to lead Russia.

    • Snowden: NSA Surveillance About Control, Fight Against It About Democracy
      Last update: 16:57 14.04.2015
      16:57 14.04.2015

      Democracy Is Dead. What Next?

      Is a new kind of real Democracy 3.0 possible? Dmitry Kulikov, a member of the Zinoviev Club, takes on the question.

    • Fire smoke and protesters on Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev. February, 22.
      Last update: 16:51 14.04.2015
      16:51 14.04.2015

      Cold War Rewind

      Zinovyev Club member Oleg Yuryev is convinced that relations between Russia and the West will never be completely peaceful. He believes that the information war between them is for the long haul

    • The monument to Slavic written language Cyril (secular name - Konstantin) and Methodius (secular name - Mikhail) on Slavyanskaya Square
      Last update: 16:47 14.04.2015
      16:47 14.04.2015

      Our Motherland’s Language Is in Jeopardy

      The Russian language faces forcible destruction, says Olga Zinovyev, co-chair of the Zinovyev Club. She believes the geographical scope of its use should be restored and expanded.

    • Lithuanian troops parade on Vilno Street in Vilno, Poland, Oct. 29, 1939, after they were handed the city by withdrawing Soviet Russian troops
      Last update: 15:00 10.10.2014
      15:00 10.10.2014

      A Story of How Comrade Stalin Expanded Lithuanian Territory

      In 23 years of independence Lithuania has turned into an EU colony rather than an autonomous and prosperous country. Zinoviev Club member, Oleg Nazarov, believes that the Lithuanian elite is intimidating the population with horror stories about “the Soviet occupation”, instead of resolving urgent socio-economic issues.

    • Donetsk
      Last update: 19:46 04.09.2014
      19:46 04.09.2014

      New Russian National Idea is in the Birth Throes

      Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin reflects on the sources of Russia’s new national idea

    • Khatyn memorial complex in Belarus
      Last update: 19:29 28.08.2014
      19:29 28.08.2014

      Do the Russians Want War?

      America’s political goal is to force Russia to go to war with Ukraine, says Timofei Sergeitsev, a member of the Zinoviev Club.

    • John Tefft of Va., pauses as he testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 29, 2014, to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia
      Last update: 19:23 26.08.2014
      19:23 26.08.2014

      What Color Revolution Does the United States Have in Mind for Russia?

      New US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft will be packaging the coup in public protests, says Zinoviev Club member Pavel Rodkin.

    • A London volunteer Infantry regiment parades through the streets of the city to encourage enlistment, Aug. 1914.
      Last update: 18:43 28.07.2014
      18:43 28.07.2014

      Trouble Comes From the West. Who Prepared World War I

      On the eve of the anniversary of the beginning of World War I Zinovyev Club member Oleg Nazarov recalls: Trouble comes from the West.