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    Zinoviev Club
    • Woman lying down
      Last update: 11:22 GMT 06.06.2019
      11:22 GMT 06.06.2019

      Top Sex Toy Maker Sued for Allegedly Spying on Users - Reports

      With today’s market of kinky adult toys being incredibly vast, concerns have arisen over the security different manufacturers offer their customers. One producer’s reputation is now in jeopardy after one of the company’s email-connected items aroused a client’s suspicions.

    • Soviet troops cross the border of Poland. 1939.
      Last update: 17:51 GMT 09.06.2015
      17:51 GMT 09.06.2015

      Polish WWII Warmongers

      Adolf Hitler’s accomplices in unleashing World War II were the people who ruled Poland between the two world wars, Zinoviev Club member Oleg Nazarov says. wa

    • Banknotes printed at a printing factory of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” in Perm
      Last update: 16:01 GMT 09.06.2015
      16:01 GMT 09.06.2015

      Russia Needs Nominal Money and Real Economy

      Again, we are faced with the task of restoring our national wealth, just like after the three wars of the 20th century, says Timofei Sergeytsev, member of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club.

    • Members of the State Duma
      Last update: 15:41 GMT 09.06.2015
      15:41 GMT 09.06.2015

      'The Sacred Right of Ownership' and Power: What Do We Choose?

      Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov believes we should carry out a new social project: take power away from super-society’s structures and implement a true division of economic and political rights, if we want to preserve our Russian civilization.

    • Brandenburg Gate / Arial View / 1962 Berlin, Brandenburg Gate. - Arial view with the Berlin Wall. - Photo, c.1962.
      Last update: 15:39 GMT 09.06.2015
      15:39 GMT 09.06.2015

      The 'Cold War' and Russophobic Stereotypes are Here to Stay

      The Fifth International Conference, Zinoviev Readings, hosted by Rossiya Segodnya, coincided with the 175th anniversary of Marquis Astolphe de Custine’s departure from the Russian Empire. At first glance these events have nothing in common – but only at first glance, member of Rossiya Segodnya’s Zinoviev Club Oleg Nazarov says.

    • Russia's Golden Globe winner 'Leviathan' directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev was nominated Thursday for the best foreign language film Oscar.
      Last update: 15:14 GMT 09.06.2015
      15:14 GMT 09.06.2015

      Suicidal Striving to Restore Empire

      In the opinion of Zinoviev Club’s member, Vladimir Lepekhin, the promotion of the imperial idea in Russia is a provocation designed to justify the genocide of Russians.

    • Former Polish President Lech Walesa attends the state funeral of the former German President Richard von Weizsaecker at Berlin Cathedral, the protestant church of Berlin on February 11, 2015
      Last update: 12:12 GMT 09.06.2015
      12:12 GMT 09.06.2015

      Give the Nobel Peace Prize Winner the Bomb!

      The tragedy in Ukraine has ricocheted on pacifist values’ world, turning Nobel Peace Prize winners Barack Obama and Lech Walesa, the doves, into aggressive hawks who are provoking a third world war, says Olga Zinoviev, co-chair of the Zinoviev Club.

    • American political economist, chairman of the editorial board of The American Interest and author Francis Fukuyama, attends a conference during the first day of the 2013 Economic Forum in Aix-en-Provence (Rencontres Economiques d'Aix-en-Provence) on July 5, 2013
      Last update: 12:00 GMT 09.06.2015
      12:00 GMT 09.06.2015

      Zinoviev and Fukuyama: Historical Predictions

      The world is just fine. The problem is the inability of modern states and the world elite to comprehend what is happening and create new instruments to understand and control social development processes, Oleg Yuryev, member of Zinoviev Club, believes.

    • Degeneration of the intellect
      Last update: 11:57 GMT 09.06.2015
      11:57 GMT 09.06.2015

      The Line of Degeneration. The Risk of Human Existence (Part II)

      The worst thing happens when large masses of people start losing their connection with the whole and turn into accomplished egoists, said Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov.

    • In its propaganda efforts against both Russia, the US State Department may have pressured Sony – and some of the biggest stars – into cooperating.
      Last update: 11:56 GMT 09.06.2015
      11:56 GMT 09.06.2015

      Real Propaganda

      Russian society has yet to overcome the biases and the propaganda myths against propaganda, says Pavel Rodkin from the Zinoviev Club.

    • In this Sept. 30, 1946 b/w file picture defendants hear parts of the verdict in the Palace of Justice at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in Germany on Sept. 30, 1946
      Last update: 11:54 GMT 09.06.2015
      11:54 GMT 09.06.2015

      Civilizational Ideology vs. Fascist Union

      Zinoviev Club member Vladimir Lepekhin on Russia’s new National Idea as an instrument of averting a global catastrophe

    • Reagan, riding the bomb
      Last update: 11:47 GMT 09.06.2015
      11:47 GMT 09.06.2015

      The Economy of the Supra-Power: Is There an Alternative?

      Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov on the questions the Russian government is facing

    • Overweight man wears a shirt patterned after the American flag
      Last update: 17:16 GMT 29.04.2015
      17:16 GMT 29.04.2015

      Consumption as an Ideology of Degeneration of 'Westernism'

      Zinoviev Club member Pavel Rodkin considers why consumption remains an absolute and uncontested value for Russian society.

    • The flags of the United States and Germany fly behind a sign at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
      Last update: 17:09 GMT 29.04.2015
      17:09 GMT 29.04.2015

      My Poor Germany

      Olga Zinoviev, head of the Alexander Zinoviev Biographical Institute and co-chair of the Rossiya Segodnya Zinoviev Club

    • Charles Robert Darwin
      Last update: 16:45 GMT 29.04.2015
      16:45 GMT 29.04.2015

      The Line of Degeneration (Part I)

      The Western world today is on a downward historical trend, Zinoviev Club member Iskander Valitov says.

    • Heroes Day celebrated in Lviv
      Last update: 16:38 GMT 29.04.2015
      16:38 GMT 29.04.2015

      Where the West’s 'Historical Policy' is Headed

      Zinoviev Club member Oleg Nazarov talks about those responsible for World War II, a topic which suddenly became relevant again in the run-up to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of that war.

    • The scene in Moscow on August 23, 1939, after representatives of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia signed their ten year Non Aggression Pact. Shown from left to right are: Freidrich Gaus, Joachim von Ribbentrop,Joseph Stalin , and Vyacheslav Molotov. Molotov signed for Russia and von Ribbentrop signed for Germany
      Last update: 16:23 GMT 29.04.2015
      16:23 GMT 29.04.2015

      Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, or Tracking Down Nazi Accomplices

      Zinoviev Club member Oleg Nazarov suggests taking a new look at the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, signed 75 years ago.

    • Zbigniew Brzezinski
      Last update: 16:17 GMT 29.04.2015
      16:17 GMT 29.04.2015

      Werewolf Brzezinski Against 'Chauvinist' Putin

      Vladimir Lepekhin: The idea of Russia as a distinct civilization has scared Russia haters and globalists of all kinds, and leading ideologues of the West have been mobilized to discredit it.

    • Tanks in the Red Square during the coup attempt on August 19, 1991
      Last update: 16:10 GMT 29.04.2015
      16:10 GMT 29.04.2015

      Remembering August 1991

      Zinoviev Club member Dmitry Kulikov argues that culture should not be confused with civilization. Our culture is predominantly European whereas our civilization is thoroughly Russian.

    • Azov battalion soldiers take oath in Kiev before being sent to Donbass
      Last update: 16:08 GMT 14.04.2015
      16:08 GMT 14.04.2015

      Racism Today

      What we are witnessing today is the creation of an impressive ladder of global statuses where nations are invited to find their respective places in the "international division of labor,” writes Zinoviev Club member Timofei Sergeitsev.

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