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Twitter Puzzled as UK Football Fans Shout at Police Dog for 'Being German'

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As the England national team got to the 2018 World Cup semifinals for the first time in 28 years, the country slid further into football madness and the chronical of fans’ escapades has grown longer. Besides trashing a store of the Swedish-based IKEA, buses and cars, English revelers, for some reason, took aim at a German-looking dog for.

Following the celebration over England’s 2-0 win over Sweden at the 2018 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal, the Twitter account of Dorset Police Dogs shared their experience of facing several representatives of uncontrolled fandom:

​The unexpected aggression towards the dogs, which were helping secure order in the British city, for “being German,” has puzzled and enraged Twitter users. The post got more than 1,5K reposts and 4,4K Likes, as well as hundreds of sympathetic comments.

Some were puzzled, especially taking into account that England didn’t even play against Germany that day.

​Others demanded that the hooligans be punished.

​…or just expressed compassion towards the pups.

​Some jokingly suggested that Belgian breeds could also fall victim, as the Red Devils are among the four contenders to the title of champion…

​…and mocked the attackers with memes.

​After the English team qualified for the semifinals by beating Sweden in Samara on July 7, fans all over the country celebrated the victory with the slogan "football's coming home." Wild celebrations in different corners of the country have been reported as more and more videos of street mayhem emerge.

Football fans flooded an IKEA store in London shortly after England defeated Sweden. A short video captured in the store shows a group of people dancing and singing, scattering pillows and destroying interior items. The celebration was promptly brought to a stop when security guards entered the shop and asked the fans to leave.

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In London, revelers trashed an ambulance, jumping on it and smashing windshields, taxis and buses, climbing street signs, or just running completely naked through the streets.

England is to play against Croatia in Moscow on July 11 to compete for a berth in the final.


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