• Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he gives a speech on domestic priorities at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, northwest England on July 27, 2019.
    Last update: 06:07 21.08.2019
    06:07 21.08.2019

    UK Prime Minister Johnson to Visit Germany on Wednesday

    BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – Boris Johnson, the newly appointed prime minister of the United Kingdom, will arrive in Germany on Wednesday for an official visit to discuss Brexit with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • Prison
    Last update: 06:04 21.08.2019
    06:04 21.08.2019

    Ex-Epstein Cellmate Requests Prison Transfer Citing Threats from Guards, 'Deplorable' Conditions

    Nicholas Tartaglione, an ex-cop facing the death penalty who briefly shared a cell with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, asked a judge Tuesday to move him to a new facility, saying guards threatened him inside a New York federal lock-up.

  • Fracking drill rig
    Last update: 04:55 21.08.2019
    04:55 21.08.2019

    UK Shale Gas Reserves May Be Smaller Than Claimed – Report

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The amount of shale gas under the United Kingdom may be several times smaller than previously estimated, a new study published this week has suggested.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about the shootings in El Paso and Dayton in the Diplomatic Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., August 5, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis
    Last update: 04:51 21.08.2019
    04:51 21.08.2019

    Trump Slams Dems’ Squad, Says ‘I Don’t Buy Rep. Tlaib’s Tears’

    President Trump tore into Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday for her emotional press conference alongside Rep. Ilhan Omar in which they condemned Israel for blocking a planned trip, calling the Michigan congresswoman an anti-Semite.

  • A Venezuelan patrol boat passes oil tanker Kim Jacob carrying 1 million barrels of crude that ran aground in Venezuelan waters near Borracha Island off Venezuela's eastern state of Anzoategui, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006
    Last update: 04:48 21.08.2019
    04:48 21.08.2019

    Venezuela Condemns US Threat to Impose Naval Blockade Against Caracas - Foreign Minister

    BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) - Venezuela condemned US threats to impose a naval blockade against the country before the UN Security Council, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Tuesday.

  • Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 sits anchored awaiting a court ruling on whether it can be freed after it was seized in July by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory, in the Strait of Gibraltar, southern Spain, August 15, 2019.
    Last update: 04:28 21.08.2019
    04:28 21.08.2019

    US Will Act to Prevent Iranian Tanker From Delivering Oil to Syria - Pompeo

    UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - The United States will take every action to prevent the Iranian tanker Grace 1 from delivering oil to Syria, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters.

  • A Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG)
    Last update: 04:17 21.08.2019
    04:17 21.08.2019

    US Government Issues New Safety Rules for Launching Nuclear Systems Into Space

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US government has issued new safety rules governing the launch of nuclear systems into space, President Donald Trump announced in a new National Security Presidential Memorandum.

  • Shiite rebels known as Houthis hold up their weapons to denounce the Saudi-led airstrikes as they chant slogans during a protest in Sanaa, Yemen
    Last update: 04:11 21.08.2019
    04:11 21.08.2019

    South Yemen Separatists Say Plan to 'Ensure Security' in Entire South of Country

    CAIRO (Sputnik) - Yemen's separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC), which seized power in Aden, plans to establish control over the entire south of the country, Nasser Khabaji, a member of the council's presidium, said on Wednesday.

  •  US Navy (USN) Ticonderoga Class Cruiser USS VINCENNES (CG 49) launching a Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) Medium Range (MR) from its deck. File photo
    Last update: 04:10 21.08.2019
    04:10 21.08.2019

    Russia, China Request UNSC Meeting Over US Medium-Range Missile Test – Deputy Envoy

    UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - Russia and China had requested a UN Security Council meeting over Washington’s plans to test and deploy medium-range ground missiles, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy said on Tuesday.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump gestures after speaking at a National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Dallas, Texas, U.S. May 4, 2018
    Last update: 03:51 21.08.2019
    03:51 21.08.2019

    Gun Control Headed for Slippery Slope with ‘Red Flag’ Legislation - Journo

    So-called “red flag” legislation could lead to a slippery slope effect, where state courts could take away guns from people for illegitimate reasons, Carmine Sabia, writer and managing editor at TheFederalistPapers.org, told Radio Sputnik’s Fault Lines Tuesday.

  • Nord Stream 2 pipes
    Last update: 03:25 21.08.2019
    03:25 21.08.2019

    US, Romania Oppose Completion of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline, Countries' Presidents Say

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States and Romania both oppose the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on the grounds that it will make allies in the region dependent on Russia for their energy supplies, Presidents Donald Trump and Klaus Iohannis said in a joint statement.

  • Greenland
    Last update: 02:58 21.08.2019
    02:58 21.08.2019

    Trump Postpones Meeting With Danish PM Over Greenland Purchase Refusal

    On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said he is postponing his meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen because she is not interested in the US president's offer to buy Greenland.

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
    Last update: 02:56 21.08.2019
    02:56 21.08.2019

    Maduro Confirms Ongoing Negotiations of Venezuelan Officials With US

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro confirmed that Venezuelan officials were in talks with the United States, adding that this dialogue has been ongoing for several months.

  • A man holds a 100 peso bill in the cashier of a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019. President Mauricio Macri announced economic relief for poor and working-class Argentines that include an increased minimum wage, reduced payroll taxes, a bonus for informal workers and a freeze in gasoline prices. The conservative leader said Wednesday he's acting in recognition of the anger Argentines expressed in Sunday's primary election, when Macri trailed his populist rival by 15 percentage points.
    Last update: 02:45 21.08.2019
    02:45 21.08.2019

    Argentine Stock Market Plunges 10% Amid Authorities' Efforts to Support Currency

    BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) - The government of Argentina was able to prevent a steep fall of the national currency on Tuesday with a verbal intervention, but the stock exchange plunged more than 10 percent on Tuesday, according to trading and banks.

  • Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell is surrounded by Australian police as he leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court in Australia
    Last update: 02:39 21.08.2019
    02:39 21.08.2019

    Judges Dismiss Australian Cardinal Pell's Conviction Appeal

    Cardinal George Pell, the senior-most official of the Catholic Church to be found guilty of child sex abuse, had his appeal denied by Australia's Court of Appeal.

  • Miami, Florida, skyline, sunset
    Last update: 02:32 21.08.2019
    02:32 21.08.2019

    FBI Arrests US Nazi Sympathizer Who Allegedly Plotted to ‘Exterminate’ Hispanics in Miami

    A 35-year-old man has been arrested and placed behind bars in the US state of Washington on a charge of interstate transmission of threatening communication.

  • Area 51 sign, Roswell, NM
    Last update: 02:30 21.08.2019
    02:30 21.08.2019

    Local Officials in Nevada Draft Emergency Plans Preparing for 'Storm Area 51' Event

    Local officials are pulling out all the stops to ensure they will be able to handle whatever crowds end up coming to the Nevada desert next month as part of the "Storm Area 51" event, including draft emergency plans and approving permits for alien-themed festivals.

  • Lightning
    Last update: 02:05 21.08.2019
    02:05 21.08.2019

    Dog-Day Downpour: Wild Weather Wallops Washington, DC (Photos, Videos)

    The US capital got hit with intense storms Tuesday evening amid broiling summer heat and humidity. Some areas of Washington, DC, reported large hail, strong winds and up to an inch of rain in less than an hour.

  • Vice President Mike Pence, center, makes remarks as NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, back left, and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin listen during a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in recognition of the Apollo 11 anniversary
    Last update: 02:03 21.08.2019
    02:03 21.08.2019

    Vice President Mike Pence Announces US Space Command to Launch Next Week

    US President Donald Trump has declared his interest in expanding the US' military presence and resources towards the cosmos. In 2018, he said he wished to oversee the establishment of a 'space force', as weapons capabilities among nations rapidly advance.

  • Louisiana police
    Last update: 00:22 21.08.2019
    00:22 21.08.2019

    Louisiana State University Reports Armed Intruder, Police on the Scene

    No shots have been fired, and there are no injuries, as Louisiana State University advised to avoid the area or remain in a safe place.