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    • In this image provided by the U.S. Navy, the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) launches a tomahawk land attack missile in the Mediterranean Sea, Friday, April 7, 2017.
      Last update: 20:04 09.02.2018
      20:04 09.02.2018

      Senator Requests White House Memo Justifying US Military Strikes in Syria

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Members of Congress need details of a Trump administration memorandum that gives a legal justification for the April 6, 2017 US airstrike on a Syrian military base, according to a request from Democratic Senator and former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine on Friday.

    • A migrant, who is part of a group intercepted aboard a dinghy off the coast in the Mediterranean sea, reacts on a rescue boat upon arriving at a port in Malaga, Spain August 7, 2017
      Last update: 19:57 09.02.2018
      19:57 09.02.2018

      Migrants Held in Prisons With Inadequate Conditions in Spain - Migrants Service

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Migrants who arrive via the western Mediterranean route to Spain face detention in prison or in government detention facilities with inadequate living conditions, Josep Buades Fuster, the spokesman for the Jesuit Service for Migrants Spain told Sputnik on Friday.

    • Bear cub at zoological corner of Victory Park
      Last update: 19:41 09.02.2018
      19:41 09.02.2018

      Meanwhile in Russia: Two Bear Cubs Found in Cardboard Box Near Moscow

      Workers from the Russian capital's environmental protection office say they're going to hand the baby bears off to nature protection workers in nearby Tver region, where they will be adapted for life in the wild and released.

    • Refugee in Belgium
      Last update: 19:29 09.02.2018
      19:29 09.02.2018

      Belgium to Resume Deporting Sudanese as Claims of Torture in Sudan Refuted

      BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - Belgium will resume deporting undocumented Sudanese migrants back to their home country as the Belgian refugee agency has revealed a lack of proof for allegations of torture awaiting the repatriated people in Sudan, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Friday at a press conference.

    • People are silhouetted as they pose with laptops in front of a screen projected with a Google logo, in this picture illustration taken in Zenica October 29, 2014.
      Last update: 19:15 09.02.2018
      19:15 09.02.2018

      Guilty Google: India Imposes Penalty of $21 Mln for Search Bias

      This is the largest regulatory setback in India for the world’s most popular search engine. Eight weeks ago the European Commission had imposed a $2.7 billion penalty on the company for favoring its shopping service and demoting rival offerings.

    • Pipes for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
      Last update: 19:08 09.02.2018
      19:08 09.02.2018

      Nord Stream 2: Why US, Germany Likely to Turn Their Backs on Ukraine

      Although Brussels and the US continue to oppose the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project, signs have emerged recently indicating that the pipeline will soon ultimately reach its destination, RIA Novosti contributor Dmitry Lekukh wrote, suggesting that Washington is no less interested in the project than Berlin.

    • Flames and smoke billow as firefighters deal with a serious fire in a tower block at Latimer Road in West London, Britain June 14, 2017
      Last update: 19:02 09.02.2018
      19:02 09.02.2018

      Britain's Dumbest Criminal: Grenfell Fire Fraudster 'With Very Low IQ' Jailed

      In June 2017 a fire broke out in Grenfell Tower, a 23-story apartment block in London, rapidly turning into an inferno which killed 70 people and an unborn baby. In the chaos one man lied to the authorities, claiming his wife and son had died in the blaze.

    • Nuclear Book
      Last update: 18:39 09.02.2018
      18:39 09.02.2018

      Nuclear ABC: Rosatom Explains Nuclear Science to Indian School Children

      As part of the celebrations marking 30 years of Indo-Russia cooperation in nuclear energy, a Festival of Science was organized in the Indian capital New Delhi. The festival was sponsored by the Russian State Energy Corporation Rosatom which also came up with a children’s book on nuclear science.

    • Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron (left) meeting at the Grand Trianon of the Versailles Palace in Paris, May 29, 2017
      Last update: 18:23 09.02.2018
      18:23 09.02.2018

      Macron Accepts Putin's Invitation to Visit Russia in May - Elysee Palace

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - French President Emmanuel Macron accepted the invitation of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit Russia in May and attend the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, the Elysee Palace said in a communique following a phone conversation between the two leaders earlier on Friday.

    • Drilling Russian writing by the 7th form students at the Suhel Abu Ashshamljat girls' school, Latakia.
      Last update: 18:09 09.02.2018
      18:09 09.02.2018

      You Will Never Teach Again, Disgraced Headmaster Jailed Over Child Abuse Charges

      A distinguished UK headmaster has been jailed and given a lifetime teaching ban over a series of child sex abuse charges including sending intimate messages and a photograph of his privates to a teenager via social media.

    • CBS logo
      Last update: 18:06 09.02.2018
      18:06 09.02.2018

      Traitor's Fate: Fearful WADA Informant Rodchenkov’s Emerges on TV in Disguise

      The man who claims to be the architect of a state-supported doping system that allegedly existed in Russia made his first public appearance after reportedly undergoing plastic surgery.

    • This is a June 15, 2016 file photo of of traffic crossing the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the village of Bridgend, Co Donegal Ireland.
      Last update: 17:56 09.02.2018
      17:56 09.02.2018

      Theresa May Reportedly to Intervene in Stalled Northern Ireland Talks

      Northern Ireland, which has been governed by a power-sharing arrangement between British-backed Unionists and Irish-aligned parties since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement has been without a functioning government for over a year.

    • A selection of British national newspapers
      Last update: 17:51 09.02.2018
      17:51 09.02.2018

      As the Mirror Buys the Express, What Future is There for UK Newspapers?

      British newspapers are facing extremely hard times, with the Prime Minister Theresa May launching a review of the future of papers this week. Can anything be done to save the printed press from the endless rise of online news?

    • One of the districts of Copenhagen. (File)
      Last update: 17:15 09.02.2018
      17:15 09.02.2018

      Denmark's Urban Solution: No Family Reunion for Ghetto Dwellers

      Denmark's blighted areas already present a big social burden, the Social Democrats spokesman argued in defense of this plan, which set Denmark's political circles afire.

      Europe's Refugee and Migrant Crisis
    • Member of UN investigation team taking samples of sands near a part of a missile that is likely to be one of the chemical rockets according to activists, in Damascus countryside of Ain Terma, Syria
      Last update: 16:58 09.02.2018
      16:58 09.02.2018

      French Minister Admits Paris Has No Hard Proof of Chlorine Use by Damascus

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) – France potentially has evidence that the forces backing the Syrian government allegedly used chlorine gas against civilians, but no definitive proof, French Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly told France Inter broadcaster on Friday.

    • A man sticks an Alternative for Germany (AfD)'s electoral poster reading stop islamization in Berlin on September 7, 2017
      Last update: 16:54 09.02.2018
      16:54 09.02.2018

      German AfD Party to Set Up Newsroom in Spring to Bypass 'Fake News'

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The parliamentary group of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is going to redirect its communication to its own newsroom scheduled to be launched in spring in order to avoid any misinterpretations of party's positions by mainstream media, AfD parliamentary leader Alice Weidel said Thursday.

    • Artificial intelligence
      Last update: 16:52 09.02.2018
      16:52 09.02.2018

      No Quick Fix in Solving UK Crime Even Artificial Intelligence Would Struggle

      Introducing more technology such as artificial intelligence into police work will be no magic solution to solving more crimes in Britain or prevent the collapse of high-profile cases, according to a former Scotland Yard investigator.

    • In this screen grab taken from video on Thursday, July 20, 2017, Russian computer programmer Stanislav Lisov attends a court hearing at the Spanish National Court in Madrid, on extradition request to the U.S. for alleged crimes related to the 'NeverQuest' malicious software, which syphoned 855,000 U.S. dollars (743,000 euros) from bank clients in the country
      Last update: 16:44 09.02.2018
      16:44 09.02.2018

      Spain Extradites Russian National Lisov Accused of Cybercrime to US - Lawyer

      Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov is suspected by the US of developing a "bank Trojan" called NeverQuest, with which he abducted $855,000, and also unsuccessfully tried to conduct other illegal financial transactions.

    • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaking on the balcony of the Embassy of Ecuador in London. (File)
      Last update: 16:39 09.02.2018
      16:39 09.02.2018

      French Left Opposition Leader Melenchon Urges Paris to Grant Assange Political Asylum

      Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the left populist La France Insoumise party in France's National Assembly, has urged the French government to provide Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with political asylum.

    • Martin Schulz, top candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) for the upcoming federal election, gives a speech during an election rally in Hamburg, Germany, August 31, 2017
      Last update: 16:38 09.02.2018
      16:38 09.02.2018

      German SPD Leader Turns Down Foreign Minister Post in New Cabinet

      Martin Schulz, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), had previously decided he would accept the post of foreign minister in the country's new cabinet, counter to still earlier claims that he wouldn't do so, after the coalition talks with Merkel's CDU/CSU alliance succeeded.