14:42 GMT16 May 2021
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    The customer also complained about her interaction with the tent seller, describing it as "completely inappropriate."

    Eve Gilmour, a 38-year old resident of Edinburgh, has criticised a tent advert that, until recently, featured on Amazon, the Daily Star reports.

    According to the newspaper, Gilmour was planning a camping trip when a friend sent her an Amazon listing that contained a picture of "three female campers struggling to put up a tent."

    The ad also reportedly claimed that the tent it was promoting only needed to be thrown into the air and it "will stand up," and that "women can easily get it done."

    However, when Gilmour brought her grievances to the seller’s attention, asking them if they could see the "blatant sexism" in the ad, she was told to "get a life."

    "It's just appalling, quite frankly. It's blatant sexism. It's a 1950s 'women should stay in the home' attitude," she complained. "The sellers need to realise what they are doing and how that is completely inappropriate for this day and age."

    Having branded the seller as "completely inappropriate," Gilmour also declared that she’s going to shop locally from now on.

    "I'll make sure I'm not buying from them, I'll probably try and shop local to be honest," she added. "They need to realise that that's not on."

    She also said that she got no response from Amazon after she tweeted to them and "put it on their Facebook page."

    "I think Amazon should definitely have a team that takes a look at the advertising of the products before they're listed," Gilmour said. "For a big company like Amazon, that's very poor that it's got past them."

    The image in question has since been removed from the advert by Amazon, which has also "taken appropriate action against the seller," as the newspaper puts it.

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