18:04 GMT03 March 2021
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    The United States is currently rolling out its vaccination program in an effort to try and protect the population from the coronavirus pandemic. Beginning with the most vulnerable, those over the age of 60 are put into a priority category and are set to receive the injection first.

    Bill Gates posted a photo of him receiving his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Friday, claiming that he feels great following the jab.

    Wearing a mask with his sleeve up, the Microsoft co-founder shared the picture on Twitter where he thanked all those involved in the development of the inoculation.

    ​The 65-year old tech billionaire is among those first in line for the vaccine as part of Washington state’s Phase 1B tier 1 distribution policy.

    Gates has been an outspoken proponent for scientific measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic a has actively aided in funding efforts for vaccine production.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has dispensed hundreds of millions of dollars in financial support for coronavirus projects, including the development and distribution of vaccinations.

    Gates, who alerted the world to the possibility of a global pandemic years ago, put himself at the forefront of promoting behaviour that can help curb the spread of the virus last year but has also become the centre of unfounded claims surrounding the vaccine.

    Melinda Gates told The New York Times that she and her husband have become the target of conspiracy theories due to a lack of knowledge and fear among people who are looking for a singular point of blame. She also said that the Trump administration didn't help with calming concerns about vaccine development.

    Both Gateses expressed their desire to work with the new Biden administration on a variety of issues including tackling the coronavirus.

    ​The unsupported theories range from attempts to cull the global population using the vaccine to Gates using the jab as a trojan horse for planting microchips into anyone who is injected.

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