16:04 GMT28 January 2021
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    US President Donald Trump was blocked on all major platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, which permanently suspended his account, after the 6 January riot at the US Capitol in Washington when a group of suppers of the president stormed the building, clashed with the police and damaged property.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, compared on Thursday social media bans of US President Donald Trump's accounts to a "nuclear explosion" in the cyber sector, slamming this as a blow on democratic values that the West claims to be attached to.

    "Recently, all the major US social media platforms banned the US president's accounts. To do this, no court decision or at least an opinion of some specialized ethics agency was needed. They just disconnected the official accounts with millions of subscribers from the audience. Even the most devoted partners of the United States who certainly have no tender sentiment to Donald Trump could not tolerate this attack on Western values," Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

    According to the spokeswoman, this decision by the US online platforms "can be compared to a nuclear explosion in the cyber sector, where consequences are more dramatic than destruction itself."

    "Democratic values that the Western community promotes suffered a blow," Zakharova went on to say, also pointing to the ongoing media market revamp and a major digital migration.

    After the storming of Capitol Hill on 6 January, social media giants Twitter and Facebook, and Google’s YouTube suspended Donald Trump from their platforms

    Earlier today, Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey stated that the decision to ban Trump from the platform was right.

    At the same time, Google, Apple and Amazon suspended their services to Parler - a social network popular with Trump supporters - accusing it of failing to act on posts related to the Capitol Hill violence.

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