02:47 GMT27 November 2020
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    More than 57.5 million cases of coronavirus have now been registered globally, with countries now re-introducing lockdown measures and new restrictions. The United States remains the most affected by COVID-19.

    In terms of the number of coronavirus cases recorded, the US is closely followed by India (9 million cases, 132,000 fatalities) and Brazil, where more than 168,000 people have died from COVID-19, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University. 

    The pandemic has also been on the rise in Europe: France, with over 48,000 deaths, has been the worst-hit country in the EU. The country has announced new lockdown measures in a bid to prevent the rapid spread of the infection, with similar steps being taken in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and a number of other nations.

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    • 01:27

      More Than 58 Million Coronavirus Cases Now Confirmed Globally - Johns Hopkins University

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The number of coronavirus cases confirmed all over the world has surpassed 58 million, while the global COVID-19 death toll stands at over 1,378,000 according to the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

      As of 04:20 Moscow time on Sunday (01:20 GMT), there are 58,014,491 confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. The global death toll from COVID-19 stands at 1,378,866. The number of recovered individuals stands at 37,155,362.

      The United States, India and Brazil remain the top three countries in terms of the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases. France comes fourth.

    • 20:46

      US COVID-19 Cases Increased by 1 Mln Over Past Week, Reaching Over 12 Mln in Total

      The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has eclipsed 12 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University data.

      According to the university, there is now 12,019,960 COVID-19 cases and 255,177 related deaths in the country.

    • 17:36

      Merkel Urges Increase in Contributions to WHO-led COVID Vaccine Initiative

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday called on G20 countries to boost contributions to the World Health Organization's (WHO) COVID-19 vaccine initiative to halt the ongoing pandemic.

      "In order to halt the pandemic, every country needs to have access to and be able to afford the vaccine. The funds pledged so far are not yet enough to achieve this. I, therefore, appeal to you all to support this important initiative. This short-term assistance is in the interests of us all. And it is also in all our interests to improve global pandemic preparedness in the long term. To this end, we need to sustainably strengthen the World Health Organization," Merkel said in a pre-recorded message at the G20 summit's side-event on the pandemic preparedness and response.

      The chancellor added that the world needs "better cooperation," and the G20 is able to provide vital support "in this area."

      The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis dominate the agenda at the ongoing two-day G20 summit that started on Saturday.

    • 17:22

      Turkey Sees Daily High of 5,532 New Coronavirus Cases

      Coronavirus cases in Turkey rose to a new daily high of 5,532 in the past day, data published on Saturday by the Health Ministry showed.

      The previous record of 5,138 new cases was set on April 11.

      "Another 5,532 new COVID-19 cases were detected today, bringing the total to 440,805," the publication read.

      The 24-hour death toll reached a record of 141, taking the tally to 12,219. Further 4,121 patients are in intensive care.

    • 17:21

      Macron Calls for Distributing First COVID Vaccine Doses to Low-Income Countries

      French President Emmanuel Macron told the G20 summit on Saturday that the world’s leading economies should join efforts to create a system that envisions disturbing first doses of potential coronavirus vaccines to least developed countries.

      The French president said that the G20 countries have the capabilities to produce "healthy technology against COVID-19" on a global and mass scale.

      "Therefore, I suggest that efforts should be combined towards building a system that promotes the first doses of the vaccine produced by the companies to be direct towards the least developed countries," Macron said.

      The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis dominate the agenda at the ongoing two-day G20 summit that started on Saturday.

    • 16:05

      UK Reports 19,875 Coronavirus Cases on Saturday

      The United Kingdom has reported 19,875 new coronavirus cases on Saturday and 341 deaths of people who had tested positive for the virus within 28 days, Reuters said, quoting official data.

    • 16:05

      Italy Reports Over 34,000 COVID-19 Cases on Saturday

      Italy reported 34,767 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, the health ministry said on Saturday, adding that there were also registered 692 new fatalities. 

    • 15:20

      Coronavirus Pandemic Exposed Gaps in Global Governance, China’s Xi Says

      The coronavirus pandemic has exposed lapses in global governance, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the G20 Summit on Saturday, adding that world powers needed to return to multilateralism.

      "The pandemic has highlighted weaknesses of the existing system of global governance. We should be guided by ideas of consultations, co-creation and common benefit, stay committed to multilateralism, openness, tolerance and cooperation and keep up with the times," Xi said during the online gathering.

      He urged the world's most developed economies, whose gathering this year was presided by Saudi Arabia, to lead the way in promoting global cooperation.

    • 15:17

      Saudi King Urges G20 to Create Conditions for Affordable COVID-19 Tools

      Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Saturday called on G20 countries to create conditions for affordable COVID-19 tools and prepare for future pandemics.

      "Although we are optimistic about the progress made in developing vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic tools for COVID-19, we must work to create the conditions for affordable and equitable access to those tools for all peoples. At the same time, we must prepare better for any future pandemic," the monarch said.

      The leaders of the world’s 20 major economies are gathering online for a two-day summit that started on Saturday.

    • 13:55

      Putin Says Russia Ready to Provide Other Countries With COVID-19 Vaccine

      Family Photo for the annual G20 Summit World Leaders is projected onto Salwa Palace in At-Turaif, one of Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, November 20, 2020.

      Putin Tells G20 World Faces Economic Crisis Not Seen Since Great Depression

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the G20 summit on Saturday that the world is facing a major economic crisis this year that can be comparable to the Great Depression.
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    • 12:04

      People in Leipzig Protest Against Coronavirus Lockdown

      A demonstrator holds a sign with face masks hanging from it during a rally against the government's restrictions following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Leipzig, Germany, November 7, 2020.

      Anti-Lockdown Protest Held in Leipzig, Germany

      Germany has confirmed 22,964 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, with the total count reaching 902,528, the Robert Koch Institute said on Saturday.
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    • 11:43

      What Will Boris Johnson Say at G20 Summit?

      Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson wearing a face mask leaves the Westminster Abbey following a remembrance service on Armistice Day in London, Britain, November 11, 2020.

      UK Prime Minister to Urge G20 Leaders to Defeat COVID-19, Tackle Climate Change

      LONDON (Sputnik) – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge the world leaders attending the two-day virtual G20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia this weekend to take more ambitious action to defeat the pandemic and tackle climate change, his office announced.
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    • 11:27

      Mayor of Yerevan Contracts COVID-19, Press Secretary Says

      The mayor of Armenia's capital, Yerevan, Aik Marutyan, has contracted coronavirus, his press secretary Akop Karapetyan said on Saturday.

      The mayor will be on sick leave for some time and his duties will be assumed by his deputy, Grachya Sarkisyan, the press secretary added.

      As of 21 November, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Armenia is 124,839, with 1,931 deaths.

    • 10:43

      Russian Health Minister Brings Sputnik V Vaccine to Armenia

      Armenia Receives Samples of Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Sputnik V

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has arrived in the capital of Yerevan and delivered the samples of the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Sputnik V to Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan, the press service of the Russian Health Ministry said on Saturday.
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    • 10:20

      Poland to Open Shops From 28 November Despite Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Prime Minister Says

      Trade centres and shops in Poland will resume operations starting November 28 while complying with sanitary rules, despite a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases per day, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday.

      Over the recent weeks, the epidemiological situation in Poland has deteriorated, with the country registering in November single-day records for new cases and fatalities, 27,875 and 637, respectively. As of now, most shopping centres are closed.

      "We have decided that starting next Saturday, trade centres will operate in the highest sanitary regime," Morawiecki said at a press conference.

      At the same time, the prime minister said that shops would be closed in case of violating sanitary rules.

      Meanwhile, fitness centres, cinemas, concert halls will remain closed, the official added.

      In addition, the prime minister announced 100 days of solidarity in the fight against coronavirus.

      "We are starting these 100 days of solidarity, which will help us survive the coming months. We have 100 days of solidarity ahead, at the end of which, we will most likely to be vaccinated," Morawiecki added.

      The official also called on compatriots to refrain from trips, avoid mass gatherings and comply with hygiene rules during these 100 days.

      In early November, the government toughened restrictions in a bid to limit the spread of the virus, but stopped short of imposing a lockdown. Poland’s entire territory is now considered a high-risk "red zone." Restaurants, bars and cafes are only allowed to offer takeaway services, students have returned to distance learning, and gatherings of more than five people are prohibited.

    • 09:29

      Japan Sees 2,560 New COVID-19 Cases in Past 24 Hours, Report Says

      Japan and its sprawling capital Tokyo on Saturday both set new records in daily increases in COVID-19 cases with 2,560 and 539 infections respectively, media reported citing health authorities.

      According to public broadcaster NHK, the Osaka prefecture also registered a record high of 415 new cases in the past 24 hours.

      This takes the total number of cases across the country to over 131,000 cases overall since the beginning of the pandemic, while seven deaths over the past day take the death toll to 1,976.

      This makes Saturday the third consecutive day of a record rise in cases in both the country and the capital city.

      A day prior, both Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu and Tokyo Governor Yoriko Koike, as well as a number of top officials, called on Japanese citizens to remain vigilant and avoid traveling over the upcoming three-day weekend. Japan celebrates its Labor Day on November 23.

      Few in the country appear to have heeded that call, as the main highways leading out of Tokyo have been awash with traffic jams 10 to 15 miles long, Sputnik’s Japan correspondent reported.

      Elsewhere, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at a cabinet meeting on Saturday ordered to suspend government support for internal tourism to prefectures showing high numbers of COVID-19 cases, NHK reported.

    • 09:17

      Mexico Announces Green Zones With Low Risk of COVID-19 in 2 Regions for First Time

      The Mexican Health Ministry has updated the levels of epidemiological danger for all regions of the country and announced for the first time a low level of threat in the southern state of Chiapas and neighbouring Campeche.

      "Two regions are in the red zone - Durango and Chihuahua, 14 in the orange and yellow [zones], and, for the first time, two states with the green level of the least risk, but it is not still zero," Ricardo Cortes Alcala, the director-general of health promotion at the ministry, said at a press conference late on Friday.

      At the same time, six states — Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Mexico City — are highly likely to move to a state of maximum epidemiological risk.

      So far, Mexico has confirmed as many as 1,025,969 COVID-19 cases, including 100,823 fatalities.

    • 08:24

      Ukraine Registers a Record Number of Daily Cases as 590 Medical Workers Get Sick With COVID-19

      According to Ukrainian Minister of Healthcare Maksym Stepanov, the country has registered a new daily record of 14,580 coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing a total number of cases to 612 665. 

      590 of the infections were recorded among medical workers and 610 among children. 

    • 07:56

      Russia Reports a Daily Record of 24,822 Coronavirus Cases

      Over 7,000 new cases were registered in the Russian capital on Saturday; the nationwide daily uptick reached 24,822, a new record.


    • 07:44

      'Innate Immunity': US Top Infectionist Fauci Tells Kids Not to Worry About Santa Spreading COVID

      A man who goes by Santa Claus Edi Noel is pictured as he prepares to interact with children by video at NorteShopping mall amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 13, 2020

      'Innate Immunity': US Top Infectionist Fauci Tells Kids Not to Worry About Santa Spreading COVID

      Father Christmas is well-known for having some inherent superpowers that allow him to travel across the world in one night, delivering millions of gifts to young dreamers. But will the global pandemic stop him from doing so?
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    • 07:40

      Japanese Prime Minister Suga Suspends Domestic 'Go to Travel' Campaign in Areas With High COVID-19 Cases

      Japan's PM Yoshihide Suga was previously backing the government’s travel campaign, set to support domestic tourism, but has now suspended the effort in certain areas amid growing coronavirus cases in the country.

    • 06:31

      Tokyo Registers Record Number of New COVID-19 Cases

      On Saturday, the Japanese capital confirmed a record number of 539 new cases of coronavirus, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

    • 06:30

      India Reports Over 46,000 New Coronavirus Cases in the Past 24 Hours

      The situation has been particularly “alarming” in the Indian capital New Delhi, according to AP. The city has been recording around 6,700 additional coronavirus cases every day in recent weeks.

    • 04:52

      Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Germany Surpasses 902,000, Robert Koch Institute Says

      Germany has recorded a one-day increase of 22,964 coronavirus cases on Saturday, with the overall number of COVID-19 cases in the country now surpassing 902,528, according to the Robert Koch Institute, which monitors infectious diseases. 

    Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases in Germany Surpass 902,000, Robert Koch Institute Says
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