18:28 GMT28 November 2020
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    In late-September, entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed that neither he nor his family are in the risk group and therefore they won't take the coronavirus vaccine.

    Elon Musk has once again called for an end to coronavirus lockdown measures as part of a discussion on Twitter.

    Musk has recently joined a debate on social media initiated by journalist Toby Young over the Great Barrington Declaration - a petition that says that everyone who is not vulnerable to the virus "should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal".

    Responding to the tweet, one of the users said that countries around the world should "learn from Sweden's" response to coronavirus.

    ​Musk, in his turn, stated: "Yes. We also have to consider population life-months lost from lockdowns & other restrictions vs life-months lost from any given disease."

    ​Since the spread of coronavirus, Sweden has taken a soft approach to the issue and has decided not to introduce a national lockdown, ban businesses and schools and make face masks mandatory.

    The country, however, banned gatherings of 50 people and tried to encourage personal responsibility by asking people to observe and respect physical distancing, and the vulnerable ones to self-isolate.

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