17:26 GMT19 October 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Counterintelligence chief Bill Evanina on Wednesday dismissed concerns about the vulnerability of the United States’ election infrastructure to malign foreign interference, but accused China and Russia of amplifying social discord out of a desire to see the county "eat itself".

    "We are not worried about changing votes in scale, but we are worried about influence of the American voter and the ability of the American voter to understand where they should get real information", Evanina said in an interview on NBC News.

    Evanina claimed that both China and Russia want to see "mass chaos" in the United States and some Americans make it easier for these countries to achieve their goal.

    "[Russia’s President] Vladimir Putin at the end of the day wants our country to eat itself. He wants mass chaos here in the United States as does China, but not from economic perspective. We see both of them exacerbating and amplifying social discord on both sides of the isle. We right now are helping him [Putin] facilitate getting him the smile everyday", Evanina said.

    Russia has repeatedly denied intervening in the US political system. In addition, Putin reiterated in an interview with Russian television his position to cooperate with any elected president of the United States but denounced the "quite harsh anti-Russia rhetoric" of the Democrats.

    Evanina urged the Americans to vote in the 3 November elections to show the leaders of Russia, China as well as of Iran that the American people make the determination who their elected officials are.

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