03:44 GMT28 September 2020
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    Parts of the UK have been hit by high water due to excessive rainfall, with a flood warning issued across Scotland, Wales, and northern England. Meanwhile, sweltering heat continues to bake the rest of Britain. Heat warnings were issued for young children and the elderly as a temperature of 34C (93.2F) was recorded for a fifth straight day.

    The skies above Britain were illuminated by around 50,000 lightning bolts overnight leading to power outages and electric cuts for several hours.

    Excessive rains continued for four hours and golf ball-sized hail battered Capel Curig in North Wales. The drainage system overflowed, inundating the streets across parts of Britain.

    The skies looked fiery red due to an electric storm in South Wales and turned electric blue in Bowland, Lancs, and Worcestershire.

    "Never seen anything like it", said a resident on social media, saying that they saw constant flashes of thunderbolts for 25 minutes.

    Firefighters were rushed to several flash flood-hit areas in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales as panicked residents reported fire alarm failures and powercuts.

    Heavy rains will continue across the country until the end of Thursday, however, southern parts of the nation will remain warm.


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