21:20 GMT18 September 2020
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    The Lebanese-American TV persona has of late been very emotional about what she referred to as the authorities' negligence and utter mishandling of the Beirut blast aftermath.

    Ex-porn star and current sports commentator Mia Khalifa has said she was blocked by Lebanese President Michel Aoun after she placed a number of now deleted comments under his recent post mourning the victims of the Beirut blast.

    "Can’t take a few choice comments under your useless posts? Gonna hide from your people on Instagram, too? Coward", Khalifa raged, further taking to her TikTok account to roast him before her vast audience there. Her video pointed out that he's been "asleep" during the devastating tragedy and is doing nothing to help those in need.

    Twitter, where Khalifa is no less active, also eagerly picked up on the news about her being blocked, giving the TV persona a thumbs-up for her attacks on "corrupt, cowardly" officials:

    …while some wondered if the president had nothing else to do but delete Khalifa's comments under his post at this extremely difficult time.

    One even wondered if politicians indeed bother to check the replies in their threads.

    The president's post under which Khalifa said she had her comments removed included a picture of the Lebanese flag with a black stripe, in mourning for the victims of the Beirut tragedy. Comments below it, including from Mia, pointed to how ridiculous and offensive such a caption-less post was.

    Khalifa continuously commented on it, picking up on how the 85-year-old Lebanese president had apparently downloaded a poor quality shot from internet stock pictures, not even bothering to express his condolences to citizens.

    A US national of Lebanese decent, Khalifa has been actively calling out Lebanese officials, accusing them of corruption and negligence both on Twitter and Instagram, since the horrid blast last week, which was linked to the dangerous storage of tonnes of ammonium nitrate at a port warehouse. She has been continuously reposting IGTV videos of its aftermath, calling for a "Lebanese revolution" and change of those currently in power.

    After the accident in the port of Beirut, which killed at least 163 and injured thousands, the entire Lebanese government announced they were stepping down, in the wake of massive protests in the country's capital.


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