22:22 GMT07 August 2020
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    The store owner claimed that when he asked the mayor not to destroy the bandanas in front of his store, she replied that she was the mayor and she could do whatever she liked. The mayor subsequently disputed the store owner's recollection of the incident.

    A store owner in the town of Summerland, British Columbia, is waiting for an apology from the local mayor after a confrontation involving the latter destroying a batch of bandanas that were previously available at his establishment, Global News reports.

    According to the store owner, Allan Carter, the mayor, Toni Boot, came into his establishment and demanded to know why they were selling Confederate flag bandanas.

    "There was a demand for it", Carter explained, with Boot then asking him to sell her the rest of the bandanas in order to remove them from the store's shelves.

    And when Carter gave the bandanas to her for free, as he "had already removed them", the mayor proceeded to destroy them right in front of the store.

    Carter also reportedly added that when he asked Boot not to destroy the "flags" in front of his store, she allegedly responded with "I am the mayor, I can do whatever I want", though Boot herself has refuted that claim, saying: "My recollection is I said no such thing."

    Yet while the store owner described the mayor's actions as “extremely unprofessional”. Boot made it clear that she's not going to apologize to him.

    "He wants an apology from me? He’s not getting one", she said.

    The whole incident was reportedly sparked by a man waving a Confederate bandana out of a truck window at a parade held in support of a Summerland family that was "recently the target of a hate crime”.

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