18:21 GMT04 August 2020
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    Earlier, US Senators introduced legislation expanding sanctions against Nord Stream 2 that apply to all companies that provide certification, insurance and port facilities for the project.

    The Nord Stream 2 project team is estimating consequences introduced by the United States of the enforcement of legislation sanctioning the project, according to a statement made by company spokesman Jens D. Mueller.

    "We are aware of the new bill introduced by the US Senate, and we are analyzing the possible consequences for the project if it enters into force," he said.

    He noted that the moves made to prevent the development of Nord Stream 2 show "clear neglect of interests of European individual and industrial consumers" and a disregard of the right of the EU to "determine its own energy future".

    "More than 1000 companies from 25 countries are fully interested in completing the project. The efforts to prevent this important project show clear neglect in interests of European individual and industrial consumers, who will be forced to pay billions more for gas if the pipeline is not built, as well as neglect of the right of the European Union to determine its own energy future", Mueller said.

    He insisted that it is up to European countries to craft and enforce EU energy policy

    His comments followed the introduction by US Senators of legislation that envisages sanctions for every company supporting logistics or resources for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and its vessels. The move was criticized by the head of the Russian lower house international affairs committee, Leonid Slutsky, as an attempt to "ensure unfair competition" that "only has economic intentions".

    “The bill on the expansion of sanctions against Nord Stream 2, as well as the original restrictions, is part of Washington's aims to ensure unfair competition. The bill only has economic intentions, and cannot be justified by political motives. I hope that our European colleagues will have the strength and reason not to submit to Washington’s demands”, Slutsky said.

    The United States has long opposed the implementation of Nord Stream 2 pipeline - a project that is expected to carry nearly 2 trillion cubic feet of gas from Russia to Germany through the territory of those two countries, as well as Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The Trump administration has claimed that the pipeline is aimed at increasing the Kremlin's political leverage in Europe, insisting that the EU should instead buy liquefied natural gas products from the US transported across the Atlantic Ocean via ship. 

    Moscow denounced attempts vy the Trump administration to derail the project, saying that the actions violate international law and obstruct fair competition.


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