16:31 GMT24 November 2020
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    Countries around the world continue to introduce severe measures to curb the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection, imposing travel bans, mandatory quarantines, medical tests, and urging people to stay home.

    The coronavirus, which originated in China in December, has since spread to almost every country, infecting at least 680,000 around the world and killing almost 34,000. At the same time, over 150,000 have recovered from the disease.

    At the moment the United States has reported the highest number of confirmed cases (more than 142,000), while the highest death toll has been registered in Italy (10,779 people, according to official data).

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    • 03:56

      First Death From COVID-19 Reported in Myanmar, Total Number of Cases Stands at 14

    • 01:15

      NASA Nurse Says Chances of COVID-19 Getting Into Space Are Next to Zero

      The International Space Station photographed from a Soyuz spacecraft

      Chances for Coronavirus to Get to ISS 'Slim to None' - NASA Specialist

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Chances for the novel coronavirus to get into the International Space Station (ISS) are next to zero due to the enhanced security measures undertaken by the space agencies, NASA nurse Raksana Batsmanova says.
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    • 01:15

      Number of COVID-19 Cases in Canada Reaches 7,000, 89 Died - Health Ministry

    • 01:12

      South Korea Registers 125 New Cases of COVID-19, Total Number Rises to 9,786 - Health Authorities

      A total of 162 people have died and 180 patients have recovered, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said on Tuesday.

    • 01:12

      Mexico Registers 1,094 Cases of COVID-19, 28 Died - Health Ministry

      According to the ministry, Mexico will also extend the suspension of non-essential activities in the country till 30 April.

    • 00:38

      New 48 Cases of COVID-19 Registered in China Over Past 24 Hours, All of Them Imported

      One patient has died, the Chinese health authorities said.

    • 23:50

      Panama Registers 86 New Cases of Coronavirus, Total Number Rises to 1,075, 27 Died

    • 23:31

      State of National Emergency Extended for 7 Days in New Zealand to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

    • 22:10

      Over 160,000 COVID-19 Cases Registered in US, 2,953 Died - Johns Hopkins University

    • 21:48

      Brazil Leads Latin America's Coronavirus Tally With 4,579 Cases

      The number of those infected rose by 323 in the past day, while the death toll climbed by 23. The country's mortality rate on Monday stood at 3.5 percent.

      The wealthy industrial state of Sao Paulo accounted for 1,517 infection cases, trailed by Rio de Janeiro with 657 cases.

    • 21:38

      US Capital Declares Stay-at-Home Order, Violators to Face Fines, Imprisonment - Mayor

    • 21:02

      Number of COVID-19 Cases in Georgia Reaches 103, 20 Recovered

    • 20:53

      India Confirms 227 New Coronavirus Cases, Total Number Rises to 1,251 - Health Ministry

      According to the health authorities, India's COVID-19 death toll stands at 32, and the number of recoveries increased to 102.

      New Delhi reported the biggest daily rise in the number of cases — 25 new cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours, and the total number of coronavirus-infected patients in the capital reached 97.

      The southern Kerala state is the most affected by the virus — the state has now 202 cases after 20 more patients tested positive for COVID-19 during the last day.

    • 20:44

      Ireland's COVID-19 Count Approaches 3,000, Death Toll Reaches 54 - Health Service

      "The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has been informed of 295 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland, as at 1 pm, Monday 30 March. There are now 2,910 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland", the statement read.

      There were eight new COVID-19-related deaths over the past 24 hours, among them five women and three men, the NPHET said. Their median age was 86 and six of them had underlying conditions, according to the statement.

    • 20:05

      Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Israel Climbs to 4,695 - Health Ministry

      According to the health authorities, 79 people are in critical condition, and 16 people died from COVID-19.

      The number of recoveries in the country reached 161.

    • 20:03

      Iraq Confirms 83 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Tally Reaches 630 - Health Ministry

      The central Najaf province has recorded 18 cases, the biggest daily increase among the Iraqi provinces, according to the ministry.

      Four coronavirus-infected patients died on Monday, and nine people fully recovered from COVID-19. The total number of recoveries has climbed to 152, and the death toll has reached 46.

    • 20:01

      New 47 Cases of Coronavirus Registered in Egypt - Health Ministry

      The total number of infections in the country has risen to 656, while 41 people have died.

      A 44-year-old woman has died in the past 24 hours.

    • 20:00

      Number of COVID-19 Cases in UK Surpasses 22,000, Death Toll Reaches 1,408 – Government

      "As of 9 am on 30 March 2020 [08:00 GMT], a total of 134,946 people have been tested, of which 112,805 were confirmed negative and 22,141 were confirmed positive", the UK Department of Health and Social Care said in a statement.

      According to the statement, the death toll from COVID-19 has increased by 180 cases to a total of 1,408 fatalities.

    • 19:53

      Cyprus Declares Curfew Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - Health Minister

      "Furthermore, as from 31 March 2020 at 6 am [03:00 GMT] ... Gatherings of people at any residence are prohibited, other than of permanent residents ... Any movement of persons from 9.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m. is prohibited, except for those holding a Confirmation of Movement of an Employee certificate", Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said on Monday.

      The new measures include a fine of up to 300 euros ($330) for those violating the restriction.

    • 19:32

      Rome Cardinal Vicar Angelo de Donatis Contracts COVID-19

    • 19:07

      Lockdown Extended in Italy at Least Until Easter - Health Minister

      "The government's scientific committee met this morning to consider whether all containment measures should be prolonged by at least Easter [12 April]. The government will move in this direction", Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Monday.

    • 19:06

      Over 153,000 Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in US, 2,828 Died - Johns Hopkins University

      The number of confirmed infections has now reached 153,246, according to the updated data. The death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed 2,828.

    • 18:58

      Facebook Unveils $100m for New Journalism Project

      Attendees stick notes on a Facebook logo at F8, the Facebook's developer conference, Tuesday, April 30, 2019, in San Jose, Calif.

      COVID-19: Facebook Unveils $100m for New Journalism Project

      According to Reuters, the US advertising industry is at risk of losing billions of dollars in lost revenue, with publishing firms expected to feel the squeeze as advertisers cut spending amid widespread coronavirus disruption.
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    • 18:36

      Marine Le Pen Says It’s Reasonable to Question If COVID-19 Was 'Lab-Produced'

      Marine Le Pen of France's far-right National Front (FN) political party at the opening session of the French National Assembly in Paris, France, June 27, 2017

      Marine Le Pen Says It’s Reasonable to Question If COVID-19 Was 'Lab-Produced'

      Citing the example of an artificial, lab-developed virus, the National Rally leader has asserted that it makes sense to doubt any statements about the place of origin of COVID-19.
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    • 18:28

      Canada Mobilising 24,000 Troops to Assist With COVID-19 Response - Defence Minister

      "The Chief of Defence Staff has developed a plan that will see the Canadian Armed Forces mobilizing up to 24,000 regular and reserve force members across the Canadian Armed Forces to support these efforts", Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan said. "The Canadian Army has readied up to 10 regular force units across Canada".

      The defence minister said that the Canadian military has been preparing for this scenario and is ready to assist vulnerable communities, especially indigenous and isolated communities, as well as provinces should a request be made.

      Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance told reporters the army is ready to provide medical, logistical and engineering support, both in the short and long-term should the military be asked for assistance. Vance added that the army is preparing for scenarios where a coronavirus-stricken community can be affected by an additional disaster, such as a flood.

    • 18:26

      First Coronavirus Cases Registered in Botswana - Reports

    • 18:23

      Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Issues Self-Isolation Order Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    • 18:19

      Erdogan Says Turkey Must ‘Keep Wheels Turning’ Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

    • 18:13

      US House Not Expected to Reconvene Sooner Than 20 April - Majority Leader

      "Members are advised that the House is not expected to meet sooner than Monday, April 20, 2020", Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's office said in a notice.

      US lawmakers and Trump administration officials are expected to work on a fourth emergency stimulus package in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the United States.

      The notice said congressmen will be notified if they must return to vote on critical legislation related to the coronavirus response or other important measures.

    • 18:09

      France's COVID-19 Death Toll Exceeds 3,000 With Over 400 New Fatalities Registered - Official

      Over 400 people have died from the coronavirus in France's hospitals over the past 24 hours, with the death toll exceeding 3,000, Jerome Salomon, the head of the national public health service, said on Monday.

      He said on Sunday that the death toll amounted to 2,606 and the total case count reached 40,174.

      "As many as 3,024 people have died in hospitals [since the beginning of the outbreak]", Salomon said at a briefing.

      The case count has surged to 44,550, he added.

    • 18:07

      G20 Trade Ministers Pledge to Facilitate Flow of Essential Goods Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

      "We will continue monitoring and assessing the impact of the pandemic on trade. We call on the international organizations to provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on world trade, investment and global value chains. We will continue working with them to establish coordinated approaches and collect and share good practices to facilitate flows of essential goods and services", the ministers said in their statement.

      The G20 ministers also pledged to continue working together on a "free, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent, predictable and stable trade and investment environment" and open markets.

      "We agree that emergency measures designed to tackle COVID-19, if deemed necessary, must be targeted, proportionate, transparent, and temporary, and that they do not create unnecessary barriers to trade or disruption to global supply chains, and are consistent with WTO rules", the ministers went on to say.

      The ministers expressed their profound sadness over the "devastating human tragedy".

    • 18:03

      Merkel’s 3rd Coronavirus Test Comes Back Negative

    • 17:37

      Netanyahu Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Aide Was Confirmed to Have Contracted COVID-19

    • 17:30

      Coronavirus Death Toll in New York State Climbs to 1,218, Total Number of Cases Rises to 66,497 - Governor

    • 17:08

      Moscow’s Coronavirus Response Centre Rejects Info That Self-Isolation Regime to Be in Force Until 14 April

      The duration of the isolation regime is determined by a presidential decree, the centre said in a statement. The days from 30 March to 3 April have been declared non-working ones throughout the country so that most Russians can stay at home. Decisions regarding an extension of the isolation regime will be made taking into account the development of the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus, the centre stated, adding that earlier information about 14 April is incorrect.

    • 17:01

      New York's Javits Centre Starts Working as Field Hospital Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - Video

      A woman walks by the Javits Convention Center as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues in New York, U.S., March 22, 2020

      New York's Javits Centre Starts Working as Field Hospital Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - Video

      The US National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers will build eight health facilities in New York state which is now considered the epicentre of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the United States, President Donald Trump said in a press briefing on 25 March.
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    • 16:21

      Maryland Governor Imposes Stay-at-Home Order, Restricts Out of State Travel Amid COVID-19

      "This morning, I have signed an executive order, which institutes a stay-at-home directive", Hogan told reporters. "No Maryland residents should be leaving their homes unless for an essential job or for an essential reason, such as obtaining food or medicine, seeking urgent medical attention".

      Hogan noted that no Maryland residents will be allowed to travel outside of the state unless such travel is "absolutely necessary".

    • 16:14

      Turkey's COVID-19 Death Toll Rises by 37 to 168, Number of Confirmed Cases Grows by 1,610 to 10,827 - Health Minister

      "As many as 11,535 tests have been conducted today, and 1,610 of them are positive. We have 10,827 infected people. We have lost 37 patients today, the death toll amounts to 168. A total of 162 patients have recovered, and 725 are in life support departments", Health Minister Fahrettin Koca wrote on Twitter.

    • 15:58

      WHO Says Italy's Epidemic Should Stabilise Soon, But Vigilance Needed

    • 15:52

      New York Mayor Says Arrival of Navy Hospital Ship Means US Heard NY's Plea for Help - Video

    • 15:50

      Putin, Trump Discuss Coronavirus, Global Oil Market in Phone Conversation

      U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin hold a bilateral meeting at the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan June 28, 2019

      Putin, Trump Discuss Coronavirus, Global Oil Market in Phone Conversation

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, have expressed, during their phone conversation, deep concerns over the spread of the coronavirus across the world, and have agreed to look into ways to boost cooperation on fighting COVID-19, the Kremlin said on Monday.
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    • 15:49

      Ex Japanese PM Accuses Tokyo Governor of Covering Up COVID-19 Cases to Go Ahead With 2020 Olympics

      Yukio Hatoyama

      Ex-Japanese PM Accuses Tokyo Governor of Covering Up COVID-19 Cases to Go Ahead With 2020 Olympics

      Despite the fact that the first coronavirus case was recorded in Japan in the middle of January, the country has seen only a small increase in infections compared with Europe and the United States, which now have more cases than China, where the virus originated.
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    • 15:46

      Danish PM to Start Gradual Lifting of Lockdown Measures After Easter if Numbers Remain Stable During Next Two Weeks

      "If we over the next two weeks across Easter keep standing together by staying apart, and if the numbers remain stable for the next two weeks, then the government will begin a gradual, quiet and controlled opening of our society again, at the other side of Easter", Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told a press conference. 

      On 13 March, the Danish Social Democratic government announced a more or less complete shutdown of the public sector. Then came bans on social gatherings with more than ten persons and forced closings of restaurants and cafés.

    • 15:44

      US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort Docks in New York City to Help Cope With COVID-19 Epidemic

      The US Navy hospital ship Comfort has arrived in New York City on Monday morning to provide relief to local hospitals struggling to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

      The Comfort, which is equipped with 12 operating rooms and 1,000 beds and has more than 1,200 medical personnel, docked at Pier 90 off West 50th Street in Manhattan at around 11:00 a.m.

      The hospital ship will be used to treat non-COVID-19 patients who require other urgent medical assistance as city hospitals are stretched to coping with patients infected by the virus.

    • 15:41

      US Economy to ‘Surge Back’ in June After Coronavirus Lockdowns - Treasury Secretary

      US dollars

      US Economy to ‘Surge Back’ in June After Coronavirus Lockdowns - Treasury Secretary

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US economy is expected to come back strong in June once the lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are lifted, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in an interview on Monday.
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    • 15:32

      Czech Government Approves Extending Extraordinary Lockdown Measures by Another 10 Days to 11 April

    • 15:26

      Spain Postpones Broadband Spectrum Auction Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

    • 15:14

      US Capital Area Confirms Nearly 3,000 Cases of Infection With COVID-19 - Officials

    • 15:04

      UK's Northern Ireland to Release Some Inmates Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - Justice Minister

      HM Prison Maghaberry , 3 km from Ballinderry Upper, Northern Ireland

      UK's Northern Ireland to Release Some Inmates Amid COVID-19 Pandemic - Justice Minister

      LONDON (Sputnik) - The authorities of the United Kingdom's Northern Ireland are planning to temporarily release some prisoners earlier than their sentence is completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the region's justice minister, Naomi Long, said on Monday.
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    • 14:59

      Moscow's Self-Isolation Regime to Remain in Force Through 14 April - Coronavirus Response Centre

      "Until which date is the quarantine in force? According to the decree of the Moscow mayor, it is necessary to respect the self-isolation regime through 14 April", the response centre wrote on its Telegram channel.

    • 14:15

      European Commission Says Fake News About Coronavirus Pandemic in EU on Rise

      "We are aware of an increasing number of false information about the coronavirus pandemic, we are concerned that some of that might also lead to public harm … The commission will continue to monitor this very closely … It is important that all actors are engaged in ensuring the dissemination of reliable information about the coronavirus pandemic", spokesman of the EU institution, Johannes Bahrke said.

      In addition, the EU is looking into external sources of fake news about the pandemic, according to the spokesman. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are on board in the fight against the fake news, Bahrke added.

    • 14:00

      COVID-19 Death Toll in UK Rises to 1,284

      A further 159 people who tested positive for the coronavirus have died in the UK, the National Health Service said on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths in the country to 1,284.

    • 13:57

      New York Stock Exchange Opens Trading As Markets Gripped by Coronavirus Fears - Video

      The bell used to open and close the markets hangs in front of an empty podium above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as it prepares to close due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in New York, U.S., 20 March, 2020

      New York Stock Exchange Opens Trading As Markets Gripped by Coronavirus Fears - Video

      Markets have been fluctuating against the backdrop of the spread of the coronavirus disease. However, some positive changes have been noted in US markets amid a massive financial aid bill designed to support local businesses.
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    • 13:55

      Greek Prime Minister Calls on Lawmakers to Donate Half of Salary to Anti-COVID-19 Fund

      "I call on all deputies of the New Democracy, as well as ministers and deputy ministers, to join a symbolic initiative of contributing 50 percent of their salary to the fight against the coronavirus for the next two months. These funds will be directed to a special account for fighting COVID-19", Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on Facebook.

      According to the prime minister, politicians must be the first to exercise solidarity in circumstances like those during the current pandemic.

      Himself a member of New Democracy, Mitsotakis voiced the hope that other parties would join the initiative as well.

    • 13:33

      US Stocks Open Higher With Dow Up +0.6%, Nasdaq +1.2%

    • 13:28

      Japan Registers 2,656 COVID-19 Cases, 69 Deaths, Over 1,000 Patients Recover - Reports

    • 13:24

      Russian Cabinet Allocates $419Mln to Regions for Medical Care for COVID-19 Patients

    • 13:21

      Delhi Government to Start Online Classes for Students Amid COVID-19 Lockdown From 1 April

    • 13:13

      Hungarian Parliament Passes Law Granting PM Orban's Government Special Rights to Tackle Coronavirus Crisis

    • 13:08

      Johnson & Johnson Plans to Start Coronavirus Vaccine Test on Humans by September

      "The company expects to initiate human clinical studies of its lead vaccine candidate at the latest by September 2020 and anticipates the first batches of a COVID-19 vaccine could be available for emergency use authorization in early 2021, a substantially accelerated time frame in comparison to the typical vaccine development process", Johnson & Johnson said in a statement.

      The company said it was rapidly scaling its vaccine manufacturing capacity by establishing new production facilities in the United States as well as overseas to provide a global supply of more than one billion doses.

      "The company plans to begin production at risk imminently and is committed to bringing an affordable vaccine to the public on a not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use", the statement said.

      Johnson & Johnson also said it has formed a partnership called BARDA with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the US Department of Health and Human Services to commit more than $1 billion in investment to co-fund vaccine research, development and clinical testing.

    • 13:08

      Number of COVID-19 Cases in Portugal Approaches 6,500, Death Toll Reaches 140 – Ministry

      Portugal has recorded a total of 6,408 COVID-19 cases and 140 fatalities as of Monday, the Portuguese Health Ministry said.

      The latest situation update from Portugal on Sunday stated that there have been 119 COVID-19 related fatalities and close to 6,000 cases.

      According to the health ministry, the majority of the verified infection cases are still concentrated in the country's north. 

      The Portuguese government declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 on 19 March.

    • 13:02

      Municipal Authorities Use Drones to Spray Disinfectants in Bangalore of Karnataka - Video

    • 12:58

      Indian Police Use Drones to Check Implementation of Lockdown - Video

    • 12:32

      COVID-19 Pushes China to Improve Health Care as Part of Economic Development - Ambassador

    • 11:57

      Number of COVID-19 Deaths in the US Exceeds 2,500 - Johns Hopkins University

    • 11:54

      Israeli PM Netanyahu to Go Into Quarantine After Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus

    • 11:47

      Lombardy Governor Says Preliminary Data Shows Region 'on Good Path' Regarding COVID-19

    • 11:43

      Britain's Prince Charles is Out of Self-Isolation and in Good Health

      Britain's Prince Charles looks on during a visit to the London Transport Museum, in London, Britain March 4, 2020

      Britain's Prince Charles is Out of Self-Isolation and in Good Health

      Charles, the Prince of Wales, tested positive for COVID-19 on 25 March and was self-isolated at home in Scotland with his spouse, who does not have the virus.
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    • 11:39

      Kremlin Calculated Economic Risks From Anti-Coronavirus Measures, But People's Lives Are More Important - Spokesman

    • 11:37

      US Navy 'Headed Into Choppy Waters’ After Virus Outbreak on Aircraft Carrier, American Admiral Says

    • 11:35

      More Countries Should Follow China in Helping to Fight COVID-19 - UNGA President

    • 11:34

      Moscow Mayor Agreed Upon Measures Against Coronavirus With President - Kremlin


      Moscow Mayor Agreed Upon Anti-Coronavirus Measures With President - Kremlin

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin agreed upon the anti-coronavirus measures in the capital with President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.
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    • 11:32

      Number of COVID-19 Patients in Palestinian Authority Rises to 115 - Interior Ministry

    • 11:24

      Aeroflot Promises to Bring Russians Home From Other Countries on Time Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    • 11:19

      Another COVID-19 Patient Dies in St. Petersburg - Governor

    • 11:08

      UK PM Johnson is Working From Home, Continues to 'Lead the Government’s Response to Coronavirus'

    • 11:08

      Syria to Hold Parliamentary Elections Once COVID-19 Threat Averted – Deputy Minister

    • 10:20

      One More COVID-19 Patient Dies in Moscow Hospital

    • 10:16

      Spain's Health Emergency Chief Fernando Simon Tests Positive for COVID-19

      The UME (Emergency Army Unit) attend the train station in Granada, Spain Tuesday March 17, 2020

      Head of Spanish Emergency Health Service Diagnosed With Coronavirus

      Spain is currently one of the main epicentres of the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, with at least 85,000 infected (third after the US and Italy) and 7,340 fatal cases (second after Italy).
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    • 09:57

      Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship Zaandam to Start Moving Toward Florida Soon - Operator

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The coronavirus-stricken Zaandam cruise ship, stuck off Panama’s Pacific coast with about 1,800 people aboard, will soon start moving toward Florida to bring its passengers and crew home, Holland America Line President Orlando Ashford said on Monday.

      "We recently received confirmation from the Panamanian government that both ships [Zaandam and Rotterdam] have been allowed access to the Panama Canal, so that we can make our way east, toward Florida ... I am thanking the Panamanian government for their support in allowing us this passage, so that we can get our guests and our crew back towards safety and back towards their journey home", Ashford said in a address posted to the company's Twitter.

      The president added that further details, including the exact time of departure of the vessel, would be provided later.

      The Zaandam, which left the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires on 7 March, has been in the territorial waters of Panama since being denied entry at several ports in Latin America. The Rotterdam, which departed from the US city of San Diego, delivered supplies, medical personnel and test kits to the liner. The company said it intended to send healthy passengers to the Rotterdam after undergoing analyzes. So far, four passengers of the Zaandam liner have died from COVID-19.

    • 09:57

      Spain Registers 6,400 New Coronavirus Cases, 812 Deaths

      Spanish ambulance

      Death Toll From COVID-19 in Spain Rises by 812 to 7,340 Over Past Day

      MADRID (Sputnik) - The death toll from the coronavirus infection in Spain has risen by 812 over the past day, reaching 7,340, the country's Health Ministry said on Monday.
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    • 09:55

      Indian Government Refutes 'Baseless' Rumors About Extending 21-Day Lockdown

      India has been on a two-week lockdown since 24 March. People are told not to leave homes unless for exceptional reasons. Thousands of shops and firms are temporarily closed, and the work of public transport is restricted. The traffic between Indian states, all domestic and international flights are also suspended.

      As of Monday, India has confirmed a total of 1,071 COVID-19 cases, including 29 deaths.

    • 09:42

      1,226 COVID-19 Cases Registered in Moscow - Authorities

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has registered 302 new cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, which brings the total toll of those infected to 1,836, the country's operational headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus said in a statement on Monday.

      "Over the past 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection in 35 regions in Russia is 302," the statement read.

      The new cases have been in Moscow (212), the Komi Republic (15), in St. Petersburg (8) and in the Moscow region (7) among others.

      In addition, one patient died from the disease in the Pskov region over the last 24 hours, which brings the total death toll to nine.

      So far, 71 regions across the country have been hit by the disease and 66 patients have been discharged from hospitals.

      According to the head of Russia's consumer oversight watchdog, Anna Popova, the authorities are fully monitoring some 82 percent of the people arriving from countries hit by the coronavirus infection

      Popova said that Russians are still arriving from countries experiencing the height of the outbreak.

      "At the moment, we and the Interior Ministry are monitoring about 737,000 Russians, who are in self-isolation, and ensuring the self-isolation is a big problem, but, at the same time, we and the Interior Ministry are able to fully track some 82 percent of all the arrivals in the first two days", Popova said.

      According to the official, the remaining roughly 20 percent are in Russia only in transit on their way to another destination.

    • 09:24

      Wearing Face Masks Will Be Obligatory in Austria - Chancellor Kurz

      Austria intends to require people to put on a medical mask before entering supermarkets to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Monday.

      According to Kurz, the measure will take effect once a shipment of masks arrives. Presumably, starting Wednesday, people will receive masks free of charge before entering supermarkets.

      "It will be ordinary masks, the purpose of which is to cover the nose and mouth", the chancellor said at a press conference.

      He added that it would be the first step, and the requirement would be extended to other places beyond supermarkets. One will still need to maintain a distance of at least three feet from other people, Kurz stressed.

    • 09:13

      UK PM Adviser Cummings Has Symptoms of COVID-19 - Reports

      Dominic Cummings, special advisor for Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leaves his home, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in London, Britain, March 23, 2020

      UK PM Adviser Cummings Has Symptoms of COVID-19 - Reports

      The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Britain has reached 19,522 and a total of 1,228 patients have died from coronavirus-related complications, the UK government said on 29 March.
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    • 09:02

      Business Magnate George Soros to Contribute 1 Mln Euros to Hungary's Fight Against COVID-19

      George Soros (File)

      Business Magnate George Soros to Contribute 1 Mln Euros to Hungary's Fight Against COVID-19

      Hungary has registered 447 cases of the novel coronavirus, with 39 new cases in the past 24 hours. The total death toll currently stands at 15 people.
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    • 08:57

      Bhutan Prolongs Quarantine for 21 Days

    • 08:57

      Beijing Says Sent Team of Medical Experts to Venezuela to Help Fight COVID-19

      "The Chinese government has decided to send a team of medical experts to Venezuela to help the country fight COVID-19 epidemic", Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing.

      According to the diplomat, the team, formed by China's National Health Commission, arrived in the Bolivarian republic on Monday.

    • 08:26

      FC Barcelona to Lose $110Mln Because of COVID-19 Pandemic - Reports

    • 08:09

      Russia Introduces New Fines for Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine Rules

    • 08:03

      Pakistan Lacks Enough Medical Facilities, Trained Staff to Handle COVID-19 - Senator

    • 07:43

      New Morgue for Coronavirus Victims Opens in Madrid as Spain's Death Toll Surpasses 6,000 - Video

      A funeral worker wearing a protective suit carries a coffin out of the morgue at Severo Ochoa Hospital, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Leganes, Spain, March 26, 2020

      New Morgue for Coronavirus Victims Opens in Madrid as Spain's Death Toll Surpasses 6,000 - Video

      Some 6,803 people have succumbed to the COVID-19 disease in Spain where the virus has infected 80,100 people, making Spain the fourth worst coronavirus-hit nation in the world.
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    • 07:25

      Russia's Zabaykalsky Territory to Introduce General Quarantine Over COVID-19

    • 07:20

      Russian Prime Minister Asks Regions to Consider Coronavirus Measures Similar to Moscow

      A worker cleans and disinfects a metro train as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Moscow, Russia March 25, 2020.

      Russian Prime Minister Asks Regions to Consider Coronavirus Measures Similar to Moscow

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Monday suggested that the regions study the self-isolation measures against the spread of the coronavirus infection tightened in Moscow over the weekend and consider imposing similar rules.
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    • 06:47

      More Countries Should Follow China in Helping to Fight COVID-19 - UNGA President

    • 06:35

      Russia Gives Extra Funds to Ventilator Makers Amid COVID-19 Epidemic - Health Minister

      "To date, the country has [a stockpile] of these devices. It is also very important that we have our own production base to make such equipment. The government has already allocated additional funds to companies that produce such equipment. They are now stepping up the production. If earlier we had a production capacity of 1,000 ventilators a month, today this number is increasing multiple times", Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said.

    • 06:16

      UK Ventilator Consortium Plans to Launch Mass Production This Week

    • 05:36

      Thailand's Phuket on Lockdown Until 30 April to Curb COVID-19 Spread - Reports

    • 05:18

      Argentina Extends COVID-19 Quarantine Measures Until 12 April

    • 05:01

      COVID-19 Becoming Less Aggressive, Spread to Decline in April – Moscow Hospital Official

    • 04:56

      Thailand Confirms 136 New Cases, Bringing Total to 1,524

    COVID-19 Live Updates: Israel’s Netanyahu to Quarantine as UK Prince Charles Out of Self-Isolation
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