06:25 GMT26 January 2020
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    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pulled off a commanding victory for his Conservative Party on Thursday, paving the way for him to deliver on his Brexit pledge and push through a renegotiated withdrawal deal with Brussels by the end of January.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson's colossal victory in the snap general election in the UK on 12 December was splashed over front pages across the world today.

    Liberation, a daily newspaper in France, had an edited version of the Prime Minister's face superimposed on an image of Queen Elizabeth II gracing its front page for its weekend coverage of the UK elections.

    ​It writes that with the Conservatives triumph in the general election, the British people have entrusted a clear mandate to Boris Johnson to finalize their country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

    French weekly financial paper La Tribune chose a headline for its main story that reads: “The British hanging on a historic vote.”

    The French paper, having gone to press before the result was clear, speculated on whether the outcome would be “Brexit with Boris Johnson or a second referendum with Jeremy Corbyn?” The British vote, it wrote, was fateful for the future of the country in the coming decades ...

    In Germany, the tabloid Bild said: “Landslide victory for Brexit Boris!”

    In its main story on Brexit, the paper underscored the Conservative Party’s biggest triumph since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.
    It likewise emphasised that the Prime Minister had now been given a mandate to “get Brexit done.”

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung headlined its main story: “Johnson triumphs - but at what price?”

    It wrote that as the “Tories are heading for the largest parliamentary majority since Margaret Thatcher's triumph in the late 1980s”,

    The opposition Labour Party received a crushing defeat in its worst showing since the early 1980s.

    Italy's second biggest newspaper La Repubblica ran the headline:

    “Europa bye-bye”.

    Below it, it ran a story titled:

    “The final game of Brussels.”

    The newspaper's website mentioned US President Donald Trump's congratulations for the British Prime Minister.

    The Milanese daily newspaper Il Giornale wrote: “Hurricane Boris, Brexit triumphs.”

    The Italian paper said the results of the poll were a statement by the British electorate that Brexit must be delivered.

    The paper also said:

    “Many predicted Johnson's victory, but no one expected such a clear break with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. Bojo skill or Corbyn's negligence?”

    America's financial paper The Wall Street Journal wrote: “Conservative Victory Sets stage for January Brexit.”

    It underscored a “stunning victory for the Brexit cheerleader” Boris Johnson, now able to forge ahead with his Brexit plans “unshackled”.

    The election win was portrayed as a “once-in-a-generation realignment” of the British political landscape after “Jeremy Corbyn presided over Labour's worst result since the 1935 election.”

    The Washington Post dedicated a large part of its front page to Boris Johnson's win, writing:

    “British polls point to sweeping Tory triumph,” and recognised the historic achievement of Boris Johnson’s party, the likes of which was last seen in Margaret Thatcher's day.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has won British elections in the biggest landslide since 1987, securing a House of Commons majority of 80 and claiming 365 parliamentary seats.

    The Tory party swept aside Labour in its traditional heartlands, with the opposition reeling after a being dealt its worst election result since the 1930s. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that he would not head the party in future elections.

    Johnson has now been granted the much-desired mandate to proceed with his push to deliver Brexit on his terms next month.
    "We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January - no ifs, no buts, not maybe," vowed Johnson.


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