16:13 GMT24 September 2020
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    TOKYO (Sputnik) - Friendly personal relations between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump cannot serve as a guarantee of good relations between the countries, the chairman of the Korea-Asia Pacific Peace Committee Kim Yong Chol said on Sunday.

    "The friendly relations between the heads of North Korea and the United States in no case cannot but take public opinion into account and are not a guarantee of preventing aggravation of relations between the countries," the official said, as quoted by the Korean Central News Agency.

    Relations between North Korea and the United States could have deteriorated several times due to hostile and erroneous actions on the part of the US, but are maintained thanks to friendly Kim-Trump relations, he noted.

    "But there is always a certain limit. The United States is seriously mistaken if it expects to survive the end of this year by speculating on close personal relations between the President [Trump] and the Chairman [Kim] to delay time," the official explained.

    He also expressed hope that fine diplomatic expression "there is neither an eternal friend, nor an eternal enemy" would not turn into the phrase "there is no eternal friend, but there is an eternal enemy."

    Earlier in October, the North Korean delegation led by chief negotiator Kim Myong Gil held working-level denuclearization talks with the US delegation headed by Stephen Biegun in Sweden. These were the first talks since the high-level summit in Hanoi in February. However, North Korean diplomats left the meeting's venue prematurely, after which Pyongyang's chief negotiator said the working negotiations with the United States had failed. According to the diplomat, the United States came empty-handed.


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