16:03 GMT13 April 2021
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    According to a military diplomatic source, the defamation campaign repeats the Panamagate scenario in 2015 when Western media published dossiers about tax havens implicating various political leaders.

    UK and US intelligence services are currently in an active phase of the anti-Russian campaign aiming to discredit individuals from the inner circle of the Russian president, as well as the leadership of the Defence Ministry, a military diplomatic source has revealed.

    "As part of the undisguised provocative actions, specialists from the American and British intelligence agencies fabricate fakes about the Russian leadership", the source stated.

    The fake information will wind up in the media controlled by foundations established by influential financiers such as George Soros and William Browder, according to the report. The source went on to say that the defamation campaign will also engage news agencies openly funded by US authorities, naming Radio Freedom and Current Time among others. 

    The campaign will reportedly follow the Panamagate template and the biased information is expected to be disseminated through non-commercial organisations affiliated with the State Department.

    The source underlined that the fakes about the Russian leadership constitute direct interference in Russia's internal affairs.

    "As in the case with the Panama dossier, despite the absurdity of the accusations, the White House predictably uses fakes to justify sanctions. Such actions are direct interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation aimed to destabilise the country, weaken the economic potential of Russia and form the levers of political influence on its leadership", the source added.

    Millions of documents known collectively as the Panama Papers were leaked in 2016 from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. The leaked data exposed a large number of offshore operations and shell companies, and implicated multiple highly-placed individuals from across the world.


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