02:07 GMT27 July 2021
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    American amateur detective Blaine Gibson has found more pieces of debris than any government searching for the doomed flight MH370, with his first major find a sheet of metal said to belong to the plane's wing, which reportedly sparked a succession of "death threats" with demands to stop his investigative activities.

    Adventurer and amateur MH370 sleuth Blaine Alan Gibson has found a note which he claims was written by a person on board the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight, reports The Sun.

    According to Gibson, he discovered the last post “from a doomed passenger” washed up on a beach. Blaine Alan Gibson is a lawyer and amateur ‘adventurer’ who has been on a self-funded quest to find the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.

    Recently, William Langewiesche, a former pilot and aviation expert, shared with The Sun that Gibson, who allegedly discovered fragments of the missing plane on the shores of Mozambique, La Reunion and Madagascar, received "death threats" with demands to stop his investigative activities.

    "One message said that either he would stop looking for debris or he would leave Madagascar in a coffin", the former pilot said.

    Gibson says he has been “trolled, attacked and slandered” by an “online army of armchair assassins”, who have accused him of planting debris.

    The first messages reportedly started appearing soon after Gibson retrieved his first find allegedly from flight MH370: a triangular piece of the plane's wing with the words "no step" written on it.

    Langewiesche claimed he met up with Gibson in Kuala Lumpur, where the latter is purportedly hiding out of fear he is being spied upon.

    Gibson’s apparent successes is remarkable, considering his lack of professional expertise and resources.

    The sleuth resorts to simple methods: combing the beaches, chatting with locals, and checking shacks, as large pieces of metal are valuable construction materials.

    Gibson insists he is driven only by the desire to find out what happened to the plane.

    “The problem with Malaysia 370 is there are too many theories and not enough evidence,” he said.

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which took off from Kuala Lumpur carrying 239 passengers on board bound for Beijing, went missing on 8 March 2014 after it vanished from radars while transferring from Malaysian to Vietnamese airspace.

    Subsequent years of fruitless search to locate the plane's crash site resulted in the Malaysian government wrapping the effort up in May 2018.

    Investigations into the case still continue, with a new twist in the story being the discovery that two passengers on the flight boarded using fake passports.




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