20:03 GMT25 October 2020
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    Canadian clinical psychologist and best-selling author Jordan Peterson began eating an all-beef carnivore diet on the advice of his daughter, who claimed that it cured her juvenile arthritis and depression.

    A vegan YouTuber, à-bas-le-ciel, whose real name is Eisel Mazard, has slammed self-help guru Jordan Peterson's carnivore diet, which consists of him only consuming beef, salt, and water, as "anti-scientific", in a fresh video, titled "Jordan Peterson & His Wife, Eating Themselves to Death".

    Mazard explained that Peterson adopted the diet on the advice of his daughter Mikhaila, who suffered from various autoimmune disorders and depression for most of her life, and after experimenting with elimination diets, came to the conclusion that red meat was the only food she could tolerate without experiencing any side effects.

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    14 months eating only beef. No supplements. You can see the scurvy and vitamin deficiencies creeping in 😉

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    "His daughter made this so-called discovery, totally pseudo-scientific - it's not even pseudo-science, it's anti-scientific, contrary to the entire progress of the science of nutrition in the last 100 years. She decides based  on her subjective personal experience that eating a 100 percent meat diet is good for her. And guess what? It's our job to say 'no, it'll kill you. No, this is a diet with a body count. This is a diet with really serious, really negative life-altering side effects, for you, for your father, and for your mother'", the vlogger said.

    The Canadian professor, who rallies against political correctness and identity politics, previously revealed that upon noticing that his daughter's health problems cleared up, he also took on the carnivore diet, which, as he said, helped him lose 50 pounds and tackled his depression and anxiety.

    "My appetite has probably fallen by 70 percent. I don't get blood sugar dysregulation problems. I need way less sleep. And my gum disease is gone. Like, what the hell?" he said on a popular Joe Rogan podcast in July 2018.

    Mikhaila Peterson, who doesn't have an educational background in nutrition, has her own self-help blog, "Don't Eat That", where she shares her personal health journey and gives online consultations about the carnivore diet. She has, however, stressed that she's not diagnosing people - she's just speaking about her own experience.

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