03:43 GMT01 December 2020
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    Robert Maginnis is known for his books which describe numerous conspiracies, secret societies and occult cabals that he says control the US Government and are waging war against President Trump, who seeks to protect the US against “biblical end times.”

    Retired US Army Lieutenant and author of numerous conspiracy theory books Robert Maginnis, warned Saturday that China and Russia seek to form a villainous “Alliance of Evil” - a term taken directly from his 2018 book - which he says China would use to achieve its alleged malicious goal of taking over the world.

    "I identify 16 indicators in an alliance of evil that we've seen time and again over the last few years and they tend to be increasing," he speculated.

    According to Maginnis, Chinese leader Xi Jinping's has a "China dream" - which he says is military and economic world domination by the middle of the century.

    "Clearly President Xi has his 'China dream,' as calls it, which is basically world dominance militarily and economically by the middle of this century," Maginnis said in an interview for Fox News.

    The retired US Army officer concluded that Xi’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as well as recent incidents, in which US and Russian warships nearly collided in the East China Sea, somehow indicate the creation of the “sinister” alliance.

    He named Russia’s installation of a titanium flag on a Lomonosov ridge – which is a part of Russia’s continental shelf - beneath the North Pole as Russia’s “claiming unclaimed or international territories,” adding that China and Russia are “willing to go after us should we counter that claim.”

    He praised US President Trump for his focus on Russia and China in his national security strategy.

    "China and Russia are premiere in terms of our future enemies ... and of course, Iran, North Korea proxies, and violent extremist organizations. We have to refocus on those enemies across the board -- trade ... nuclear programs," he said.

    Maginnis is the author of numerous books inspired heavily by conspiracy theories. Among his creations are such titles as “The Deeper State: Inside the War on Trump by Corrupt Elites, Secret Societies, and the Builders of An Imminent Final Empire,” and even “Saboteurs: How Secret, Deep State Occultists Are Manipulating American Society Through A Washington-based Shadow Government In Quest Of The Final World Order.”

    In 2018, Maginnis published a book titled “Alliance of Evil.”

    “Alliance of Evil establishes that without a doubt the United States and its allies are locked in a prophetic global confrontation on many fronts, a new kind of dual Cold War with the Russians and Chinese,” the description reads, adding that “Together, China and Russia collaborate on many fronts to dominate the future world and that relationship could well become the catalyst that leads to the biblical end times.”


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