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    FILE PHOTO: Renu Begum, sister of teenage British girl Shamima Begum, holds a photo of her sister as she makes an appeal for her to return home at Scotland Yard, in London, Britain February 22, 2015.

    FM Says Shamima Begum Could be 'Hanged' if Sent to Bangladesh - Report

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    The fate of Shamima Begum has been watched with bated breath by many in the UK who fear the Jihadi's possible return to the country even after the government removed her citizenship. At one point, there was talk of her being sent to Bangladesh, but the country has now made explicitly clear what would happen to her in that event.

    British Daesh bride Shamima Begum would likely be "hanged" if she were ever sent to Bangladesh, according to the country's foreign minister.

    Abdul Momen told the UK's ITV news in an interview that, "we have nothing to do with Shamima Begum."

    "She is not a Bangladeshi citizen. She never applied for Bangladesh citizenship. She was born in England and her mother is British," he added.

    Mr Momen's comments come in response to UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid saying in February, after the UK stripped the 19-year-old Jihadi of her British citizenship, that she could claim nationality in Bangladesh due to parental ties to that country.

    However, Mr Momen has now made clear what fate would befall Miss Begum if she were to ever set foot on Bangladesh's soil: "if anyone is found to be involved with terrorism, we have a simple rule. There will be capital punishment. And nothing else. She will be put in prison and immediately, the rule is, she should be hanged," he warned.

    Back in February Bangladesh immediately shot down the possibility of Begum relocating to the country, saying that she had been "erroneously identified" as a citizen by the UK government and that she had "never" visited the country. Since then she has been languishing in legal limbo in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria devising possible ways to return to the UK.

    Miss Begum headed for Syria to join the Daesh 'Caliphate' with two other female friends in 2015 at the age of 15. She dropped from the radar only to reappear in February 2019 in al-Hol refugee camp for internally displaced Daesh families in the country's northeast. At that time, she was heavily pregnant with her third child after having already lost two children in Syria to disease. She has since lost the third child.

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    In her now-famous interview with the Times carried out in mid-February, Begum said that she had "no regrets" about joining Daesh and how seeing a severed head in a bin "did not faze" her. It has since surfaced that Begum was a member of Daesh's female morality police, known as the 'Hisba, which was tasked with enforcing draconian codes of conduct, such as dress code, on woman living under the Caliphate's rule. It was also revealed in April that Begum was involved with stitching "suicide bombs into vests" during her time in Syria.   

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    *Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State) is a terrorist group banned in Russia


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