• Danish police clash with one of around 300 migrants who were walking north on a highway in southern Denmark (File)
    20:35 20.12.2018

    Denmark Approves Budget That Might Allow Sending Migrant Perps to Desert Island

  • The Koryaksky volcano in the Volcanoes of Kamchatka nature park, the Nalychevo nature park cluster.
    20:19 20.12.2018

    Tsunami Alert Issued After 7.5-Magnitude Quake Hits Russia's Kamchatka Coast

  • hacking
    19:55 20.12.2018

    Justice Dept. Claims Chinese Hackers Stole Data From US Navy, NASA, Energy Dept.

  • Louisa Vesterager Jespersen
    19:53 20.12.2018

    Denmark Says Extremely GRAPHIC Video of Two Scandinavian Women Butchered by 'Daesh' Is Authentic

  • Apple Store
    19:52 20.12.2018

    Germany to Ban Some iPhone Sales as Qualcomm Wins Patent Suit Against Apple

  • Vladimir Putin at annual year-end presser
    19:39 20.12.2018

    Most Eye-Catching Moments From Putin's Big Press Conference

    Putin's 2018 Year-End Press Conference
  • Bicycles in Amsterdam
    19:36 20.12.2018

    Stay in Your Lane! Cyclists Not Safe in Holland Because of Rise of Hoverboards

  • US and Cuban flags are seen on the balcony of a restaurant in downtown Havana, Cuba March 19, 2016.
    19:08 20.12.2018

    Sonic 'Attacks' on American Embassy Continue to Drive Wedge Between US and Cuba

  • An armed policewoman gestures in Frankfurt Airport, on March 22, 2016, in Frankfurt, western Germany
    18:37 20.12.2018

    Security Tightened in Stuttgart Airport Amid Terror Fears - Reports

  • Central American migrants begin their morning trek as part of a thousands-strong caravan hoping to reach the U.S. border, as they face the Pico de Orizaba volcano upon departure from Cordoba, Veracruz state, Mexico, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. A big group of Central Americans pushed on toward Mexico City from a coastal state Monday, planning to exit a part of the country that has long been treacherous for migrants seeking to get to the United States.
    18:17 20.12.2018

    Mexico to Allow In Some People From US Who Have Been Interviewed by American Migration Authorities - Foreign Ministry

  • Russian and Indian national flags
    18:15 20.12.2018

    US-Taliban Talks on Afghanistan Prompt Indian, Russian Officials Meet in Delhi

  • T-80BVM. General rehearsal of the military parade in Murmansk
    17:55 20.12.2018

    Russian Military Reveals New Tank Capable of Firing Depleted Uranium Rounds

  • A Bangladeshi man waves national flags
    17:44 20.12.2018

    Indian Observers to Keep an Eye Out on Bangladesh Elections

  • Kuril Islands
    17:41 20.12.2018

    Japan Declassifies Historic Docs on Kuril Islands Talks With US

  • A large piece of hail is seen during a storm in Sydney, Australia, December 20, 2018
    17:33 20.12.2018

    WATCH Tennis Ball-Sized Hailstones Hammering Sydney

  • Prisoner
    17:21 20.12.2018

    Indian Government Criticised for Jailing Journalist

  • Annual big press conference of the Russian President V. Putin
    17:21 20.12.2018

    From Kerch Strait and Anti-Russian Sanctions to US Withdrawal From Syria and Meeting With Trump: Highlights of Putin's Year-End Presser

    Putin's 2018 Year-End Press Conference
  • Annual big press conference of the Russian President V. Putin

    Putin's 2018 Year-End Press Conference

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  • Demonstrators hold EU and Union flags during an anti-Brexit protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, December 17, 2018
    17:18 20.12.2018

    Leadsom, Rudd Prepare for Post-Brexit Chaos With Rival 'Backstops'

  • Belly
    17:17 20.12.2018

    'Rent-a-Womb' Surrogacy to be Clamped Down on by Stringent Law in India