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    The Yellow Vests movement, which originated in France in mid-November, has spread across the Atlantic to Canada. Late last week, protesters took to the streets of several cities across the country, including Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Halifax, to voice their opposition to government's policies.

    During Yellow Vest rallies over the last weekend in Toronto, protesters expressed "the same sentiment held by Westerners across international boundaries", Canadian commentator and reporter Faith Goldy told Sputnik.

    She said that the protesters' message was that "we're sick and tired of being treated like lab-rats in our own homes, and we're not going to take it anymore."

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    According to Goldy, "open borders and ever-increasing taxes for social experiments have only left us [Canadians] poorer in spirit and pocketbook."

    She praised the French for "leading European peoples in revolution" as "patriots the world over are taking note and standing in solidarity with our brothers in arms in the brewing war between Nationalist Good and Globalist Evil."

    Goldy's remarks came after protesters over the weekend took to the streets of several cities across the country, including Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, and Halifax, to voice their dissent to government's policies.

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    While the Yellow Vests movement in France condemns high living costs in the country and President Macron's perceived elitist attitude, the focus in Canada is largely shifted towards economy and immigration.

    According to Global News, activists in a dozen cities carried signs reading "Canada first" (a reference to Donald Trump's "America First" slogan) and "Trudeau the Traitor". Specifically, they were protesting against the UN Migration Pact, a non-binding agreement that Canada had endorsed earlier this month.

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    Additionally, reacting to a similar issue that sparked the French movement, Canadians are protesting the government's recent adoption of a new carbon-pricing plan to tackle climate change.

    Trudeau's cabinet has pledged to impose a federal carbon tax on four out of 10 Canadian provinces starting April 2019, which will mean that individuals and big businesses will pay more for carbon.

    The views and opinions expressed by Faith Goldy are those of the reporter and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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