16:38 GMT27 February 2020
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    Over the past few weeks, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has been dealing with sharp criticism at home over a photo posted by his US counterpart, Donald Trump, after their meeting at the White House in September.

    Having a good sense of humor is probably the most helpful tool in getting out of an uncomfortable situation, and Polish President Andrzej Duda has turned to such an option, having tweeted a photoshopped picture of himself and Donald Trump.

    “They’re writing to me that yesterday’s victory of the white-and-reds [Polish team] in the semifinals of the World Volleyball Championship led to a turn in relations between Poland and the United States. And they sent me this photo as a proof. I fell,” he tweeted.

    The original picture became a subject of mockery and widespread criticism in Poland, as many considered it humiliating that Trump sat in a comfortable chair, while his Polish counterpart was standing next to him and reaching over the table to sign a strategic cooperation agreement.

    Duda’s tweet, however, was not met as warmly as he might have expected, with some suggesting that the president be more serious:

    TWEET: “Embarrassing”

    TWEET: “Did you forget that you are the president of a big country? It does not matter if it is a personal account because it’s available 24 hours a day. This mockery of your own humiliation is ridiculous. I dream about the day when your term comes to an end, when I finally won’t be ashamed of you…”

    A fellow user tweeted another digitally altered picture, claiming that it was the original one:

    Only a few users voiced support for their president:

    TWEET: “Congratulations, and it doesn’t matter who is standing or sitting! It is important that we have a good deal and sign important decisions for our homeland!”

    TWEET: “Bravo for great self-distance!”

    TWEET: “Bravo for self-distance and sense of humor! The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on…”

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