20:11 GMT26 October 2020
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    BEIJING (Sputnik) - China and the United States are able to compete with each other without resorting to a "Cold War state of mind" in bilateral relations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Wednesday.

    "China has always remained committed to developing long-term, healthy and stable relations with the United States without conflicts and confrontation, as well as to cooperation and mutual respect… China and the United States may compete with each other, but not resort to a Cold War state of mind in relations with the other side. It is also necessary to prevent getting trapped in a 'zero-sum game,'" Wang said at a meeting with former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger.

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    According to the minister, over 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the two sides have made an important conclusion — cooperation will bring benefits to all, but confrontation will bring only harm.

    "Some forces in the United States have recently repeatedly tried to blacken China, create hostility toward Beijing and thus caused serious damage to relations between the United States and China," he stated.

    Wang noted that if such a trend continued, the relations between the two countries would go the wrong way, which did not correspond with the interests of China, the United States or the entire international community.

    Over the past several months, relations between Washington and Beijing have sharply deteriorated over trade disagreements. Earlier in September, a new round of US tariffs on Chinese goods and retaliatory restrictions on US imports to China were imposed amid the further escalating trade dispute which the parties have so far failed to resolve, despite holding numerous consultations.

    The latest development in the trade war when the United States restricted purchases of Russian-made weapons systems for a key Chinese military-research unit.


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