02:13 GMT28 February 2021
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    The picture was allegedly made less than three weeks after the airliner’s disappearance and shows an object located far away from the search area, which may have been a fragment of the lost plane.

    An aviation expert named Simon Gunson claims that a satellite image of the Indian Ocean shows a piece of debris of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, which disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people aboard, The Daily Star reports.

    Armed with this newfound evidence, Gunson also insists that the Australian government was well aware of the picture, which was taken by Digital Globe on March 25, 2014, but chose to ignore it and steer the search operation in a different direction, the newspaper adds.

    ​Earlier, tech expert Ian Wilson announced that he would head into the Cambodian jungle after he allegedly spotted the wreckage of MH370 on Google Maps.

    After finding the alleged crash site using satellite images on Google Earth, Wilson discovered that the purported plane was 70 meters as opposed to the 63.7 meters that the Malaysia Airlines jet should be. He, however, believes that this may be due to the destruction of the aircraft’s tail section.

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished from radar screens on March 8, 2014, after the Boeing 777 airliner with 239 passengers and crew on board took off from Kuala Lumpur and set course for the Chinese capital.

    Despite an extensive multimillion dollar search operation conducted jointly by Malaysian, Chinese and Australian investigations, only a few pieces of debris believed to be parts of the missing aircraft have been found at different locations, including Mozambique, South Africa and the French island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.


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