14:07 GMT25 October 2020
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    In the cobweb of international politics, one should always watch their step. However, even the powers that be dare to cut loose once in a while. As Theresa May hit the dancefloor on Tuesday, so to speak, Sputnik recalls the most notable dance moves by politicians.

    May's Robot Dance

    Theresa May showed off questionable dancing skills in an awkward robot-style routine on Tuesday, as she was greeted by a group of secondary school students in Cape Town. The dance drew an avalanche of jokes from netizens, who hinted at her resemblance to robots and the Tin Man.

    Bush's Poor Timing

    George W. Bush's two terms were rich with highlights that would be ample for several presidents. His stream of memorable gaffes and bloopers slowed down a little bit after he left the White House, but Bush grabbed the media spotlight again in July 2016, after he was filmed swaying back and forth and swinging his hands at a memorial service for police officers slain in Dallas.

    Bollywood Moves by Trudeau

    A day after Justin Trudeau won the Canadian federal election in October 2015, a video emerged showing him twisting and swinging to the beat of a song from a Bollywood movie in Delhi in 2009, leading people to suggest that Trudeau should have added another title to his resume below Prime Minister of Canada: the best Bhangra dancer.

    Not All About Tango

    Argentina's former president, Cristina Kirchner, became an internet hit in October 2015 due to her spontaneous dance moves at a rally in Buenos Aires in support of her chosen successor Daniel Scioli. She was filmed turning around and clapping her hands before repeatedly making a finger salute to the crowd. However, this was not enough for Scioli to win the presidential election.

    Dance or Lose

    Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin probably concluded that what the voters needed was a leader full of energy. During the 1996 presidential campaign that used the slogan "Vote or Lose," Yeltsin went on stage in Rostov-on-Don to dance to Russian folk song "Kalinka." Shortly after, Yeltsin secured a second term with over 53 percent of the votes. A secret election-winning weapon confirmed?


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