13:33 GMT22 June 2021
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    The United States National Security Advisor John Bolton is holding a press conference in Geneva on Thursday, August 23 after a meeting with the head of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. This is the first meeting between US and Russian officials since the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.

    Commenting on the upcoming meeting, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and US National Security Adviser John Bolton should try to find topics, during their meeting, on which Washington has at least some willingness to engage in dialogue

    "The expectation is that there will be an opportunity to once again discuss all the issues that are well known on our agenda, try to find the topics where there will be at least some willingness on the part of our colleagues to conduct a dialogue. For now, we observe a certain lack of such a desire," Peskov told reporters.

    He added that Moscow does not consider Bolton's trip to Kiev after meeting with Patrushev a priority issue, because there are many pressing problems on the agenda.

    Patrushev and Bolton met in Geneva on Thursday. They plan to discuss a number of urgent issues on the international agenda, as well as prospects for Russian-US security interaction.

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    Outcome of US — Russia Meeting

    Commenting on the talks, Patrushev said that the final communique after talks was not signed due to the US position on the election meddling.

    "We planned to sign a joint statement after the meeting, but didn't sign it, because the Americans wanted it to contain [a phrase] that we interfered in their election, in their opinion, while we deny this," Patrushev said, adding that the US representatives refused to sign the statement when the Russian delegation offered to include the provision that the Americans "should not interfere in internal affairs of other countries."

    However, Patrushev noted that the two parties had agreed to continue security cooperation and to resume suspended bilateral contacts across various ministries and departments.

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    According to the official, the US also aimed to bring up the fight against terrorism as the US-Russia only coinciding point of interest, however, Moscow insisted on a broader agenda. He stressed, that no accusations against Russia were voiced at the meeting.

    "Each of the parties noted the importance of cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as strategic stability, ensuring international and regional security, countering terrorism and drug trafficking, cooperation in the Arctic, and also agreed that the security councils of the two countries will continue the dialogue," Security Council's press service stated.

    Patrushev also said that he invited the US colleagues to Moscow "or some other city in Russia."

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