00:15 GMT08 August 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States is interested in the participation of Russian companies in shale gas and oil extraction projects in Alaska, the Russian Embassy in the United States told Sputnik.

    The Russian Embassy said that the US Exxon Mobile and Baker Hughes oil companies had also taken part in the meeting, noting that these companies continued to operate in the Russian market, in particular in projects in the country's Far East, despite anti-Moscow sanctions.

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    "The United States is also showing interest in the participation of Russian businesses, including oil and gas companies, in shale gas and oil production projects in Alaska. It is difficult to say how this will be implemented in the future, but, at least the US business circles and authorities of the state of Alaska have showed interest in this sphere, in particular at this event [RAPP meeting]," the diplomatic mission said.

    The mission added that Alaskan authorities were willing to develop ties with Russia since the region had suffered significant collateral damage from US sanctions and the subsequent food embargo imposed by Moscow, which restricted imports of agricultural products and marine products.

    "Alaska's authorities have a very positive attitude to the development of cooperation with Russia. It is, in fact, their traditional approach. They view negatively the sanctions policy, which is being declared and implemented by the [US] administration at the central level… Alaska was, perhaps, one of the most-affected regions in these terms. The losses of Alaska's businesses were really great taking into account that fish exports to Russia were really substantial," the diplomatic mission explained.

    The embassy also reveled that the authorities of the US state were interested in resuming sister city relationships with Russia that were frozen by the United States as part of its sanctions policy.

    According to the Alaska authorities, the state's losses as a result of Russia's food embargo totaled about $40 million. The economic situation in the state is further complicated by the ongoing US trade war with China, which had been one of the main exporters of Alaskan seafood.

    Alaska's Anchorage hosted the RAPP 23rd Annual Meeting on July 25-26. The event was participated by Russian and US government officials, business representatives and public organizations.


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