10:09 GMT02 December 2020
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    One of them was fined for inappropriate behavior during a trip, which was meant to raise Holocaust awareness. This comes around two months after the Polish government backed down on its divisive bill, which outlawed blaming Poland for any crimes during the Holocaust.

    Two high school students from Israel were expelled from a Holocaust educational trip to Majdanek, a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, after one of them was caught on security cameras dancing au naturel.

    They were apprehended by local authorities and later flown back home, Haaretz reports. One of the students, who reportedly exposed his buttocks, was fined, while the other got away with a warning.

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    In a statement on Monday, Israel's Education Ministry condemned their actions and pointed to its hardline stance on "any behavior that could harm the status and values represented by the trips to Poland.'"

    According to officials of the district where the students' school is located, they would face an investigation.

    The news sparked an outrage among internet users, with some of them suggesting that the students should have a "serious talk" with their parents.

    In June, Polish President Andrzej Duda dropped criminal penalties for blaming Poland for any crimes committed during the Holocaust. The move came amid escalating diplomatic tensions with Israel over the controversial bill passed in February, which made it a criminal offence to accuse the country or its nation of complicity in the genocide of Jews.

    Majdanek was a death camp run by the Nazis near Lublin during the German occupation of Poland during the Second World War. According to the website of the museum, Majdanek's death toll is estimated at around 80,000, including some 60,000 Jews.


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