18:11 GMT12 April 2021
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    Welcome to the darker side of Canada.

    Two women from Canada have been arrested for using the internet to call for Native Americans to be killed. One of them suggested a "24 hour purge," while the other one came up with "shoot a Indian" day.

    The violent calls emerged online as a reaction to a wave of vandalism that left a large number of cars destroyed in the city of Flin Flon, population 5,000, in northwestern Manitoba, according to The Guardian's report.

    Residents turned to social media to vent their frustration with the vandalism, according to a police statement.

    One woman reportedly posted an image of her destroyed car and threatened to "kill some Indians when I get home." The post was met with enthusiasm, with one reply proposing a "24 hour purge," while another replied with a proposal to keep "animals locked up or have a shoot a Indian day" — though admitting that "not all Indians are like that."

    "Yah girl purge! Let's grab Budweiser and some shot guns," the first one replied.

    As the post started circulating online, the police arrested the women making violent threats and are considering pressing charges against a third undisclosed participant of the conversation.

    One of the women has already been fired from a hair salon she worked at, with the company citing a "policy of zero tolerance for racism and discrimination." A local school district, where one of the women used to work, also condemned the exchange.

    Hatred toward and discrimination against native peoples in Canada is not uncommon, nor is it new. The latest online incident calls to mind the reaction to the 2016 murder of a Native American by a white Canadian on the white man's property. One Facebook response to the incident stood out among the hate filled commentary: "His only mistake was leaving three witnesses."

    "He should have shot all five and been given a medal," the comment read.

    An article published in Maclean's in 2015 called Canada "a country so self-satisfied with its image of progressive tolerance," but provided a table comparing Canada's First Nations population to the US' black population. According to the table, Canada's native population has lower employment rates, life expectancy rates and median incomes and higher incarceration rates, homicide rates and infant mortality rates compared to the national average and compared to American black citizens.

    "Say it out loud: ‘Canada has a race problem,'" the article concluded.


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