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    The 25-ton blast door in the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker is the main entrance to another blast door (background) beyond which the side tunnel branches into access tunnels to the main chambers. NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

    Top 5 Mysterious Military Bases (PHOTO)

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    Secret military installations housing terrible secrets and powerful superweapons have long been the staple of action movies, spy thrillers and videogames. And while such “secrets” and “superweapons” usually reside in the realm of fiction, there are a number of mysterious military installations around the world.

    The following list compiled by Sputnik mentions some of the most famous and mysterious military installations that have captivated the public’s attention throughout the past century.

    Area 51

    The legendary US Air Force base in Nevada, commonly known as Area 51, is probably the most famous military installation among conspiracy theories around the world, with the facility name frequently being invoked in stories about UFO sightings, alien encounters and secret government agencies.

    Area 51
    Area 51

    According to publicly available information, the base was used as a testing range for US military aircraft such as Lockheed’s U-2, A-12, SR-71 and F-177.

    Naval Station Guantanamo Bay

    A slice of the United States on Cuban soil, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay hosts a US military prison for alleged unlawful combatants and suspected terrorists captured during Washington’s so-called war on terror.

    © AFP 2019 / US NAVY / Shane T. McCoy

    The base houses a contingent of nearly 10,000 US marines and sailors, and can accommodate up to 50 warships.

    Yulin Naval Base

    Located on the southern coast of Hainan Island, a vast underground complex known as Yulin Naval Base became known to the public only about a decade ago when several intelligence agencies reported its construction by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

    Yulin submarine base on Hainan, China
    © Photo : DigitalGlobe
    Yulin submarine base on Hainan, China

    The base reportedly serves as an important element of China’s nuclear deterrent and can hide up to 20 nuclear submarines.

    Cheyenne Mountain Complex

    Built underneath thousands of feet of granite, this massive underground base is protected from the effects of earthquakes and explosions by an intricate system of giant springs and pipe connectors that help stabilize the facility’s units.

    Cheyenne Mountain Complex
    Cheyenne Mountain Complex

    The facility previously served as the center for the United States Space Command and NORAD, until the latter two were transferred to Peterson Air Force Base in 2008 and is now used as a backup command center.


    This decommissioned Royal Norwegian Navy base was primarily used during the Cold War by US submarines patrolling the Arctic Ocean.

    © AFP 2019 / Bjornbakk, Jan-Morten / NTB SCANPIX

    The massive underground dry dock connected to the sea via a tunnel was shut down in 2009 and eventually sold to a private owner.


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