08:36 GMT25 January 2021
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    Speaking Wednesday at a Memorial Day ceremony at the Mount Herzl National Cemetery in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a veiled warning to Iran, pledging that his country will resolutely defend its existence.

    The state ceremony, held on Israel's national day of mourning to commemorate fallen soldiers, security forces members and terror victims, was attended by top Israeli officials, including President Reuven Rivlin.

    Netanyahu, who spoke at the service, said that Israel is "determined to stand strong" in the face of "continued incitement by our neighbors, a great many of whom refuse to come to terms with our existence," in an apparent jab at Iran.

    The prime minister's remarks come amid escalating tensions between Israel and Iran over an alleged Israeli airstrike targeting a Syrian air force base last week.

    "Anyone who raises a hand against us won't be spared," Netanyahu warned.

    "If we're required to defend ourselves, we will rise to the challenge and ensure Israel's victory," he added later at an Independence Day ceremony, as Memorial Day came to a close and the country's 70th anniversary celebration began.

    Netanyahu kindled an Independence Day torch in the name of Israel's governments throughout its 70-year history.

    READ MORE: Israeli PM Netanyahu Reportedly Coordinated Strike on Syrian T-4 Airbase With US

    According to information from the Russian Defense Ministry, two Israeli F-15 fighter jets conducted an attack against Syria's T-4 airbase on April 9. Israeli sources claim that the attack was performed against an alleged deployment of Iranian forces on Syrian soil that could attack Israel directly. Tehran denies claims it has a military presence in the country.

    Following the alleged attack, which claimed the lives of seven Iranian nationals, a senior adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that the strikes wouldn't "go unanswered." Meanwhile, Sky News Arabia reported, citing an IDF official, that Israel would retaliate if Iran decided to strike back for the incident at the T-4 airbase.    


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