• View of Istanbul with the Bosporus and the Bosporus Bridge in Turkey. (File)
    05:34 25.05.2019

    Russian Sailors Stranded Aboard Ship in Istanbul Return Home – Consulate

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being taken from court, where he appeared on charges of jumping British bail seven years ago, in London, Wednesday May 1, 2019
    05:15 25.05.2019

    ‘Counting on You’: Assange Calls For Help in a Letter Sent from Prison

  • Russian-British academic Svetlana Lokhova speaks remotely with Fox News
    05:15 25.05.2019

    Russian-Born UK Scholar Sues Alleged FBI Informant, US Media Outlets - Filing

  • Hillary Clinton
    04:50 25.05.2019

    ‘Sexist Trash’: Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump for Sharing Pelosi Stuttering Video

  • Prototypes of border wall sit behind the bars of the current border wall, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, seen from Tijuana, Mexico
    04:41 25.05.2019

    US Judge Rules Trump Can't Use Emergency Declaration Money For Wall - Reports

  • US National Security Advisor John Bolton
    04:25 25.05.2019

    Bolton Claims US Has 'Deep, Serious' Intel on 'Iran Regime Threat' - Reports

  • Police officers, fire fighters and medics are seen near the site of a suspected bomb attack in central Lyon, France May 24, 2019. REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot
    04:21 25.05.2019

    French Prosecutors Float Terror Conspiracy Charges in Lyon Attack - Reports

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump, left, are seen here during a break in a working session at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' Meeting
    03:58 25.05.2019

    Attorney General Barr May Expose Top Secret CIA Source Close to Putin – Report

  • A man holds a sign outside the window of the Venezuelan embassy which is occupied by Nicolas Maduro supporters as Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido's envoy to the United States Carlos Vecchio speaks outside in Washington, U.S., May 1, 2019
    03:54 25.05.2019

    Activists Who Protected Venezuelan DC Embassy Call for Mass Mobilization to Stop ‘US War Machine' (VIDEO)

  • Mount Everest in Nepal
    03:53 25.05.2019

    At Least Seven Dead in a Week Amid Record Climbing Season on Mt. Everest (PHOTO)

  • Villagers on their motorcycles talk each other with Mount Agung volcano in the background in Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia, Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017
    03:43 25.05.2019

    WATCH Volcano Agung Erupts on Indonesia’s Bali Island

  • White House in Washington, DC
    03:31 25.05.2019

    ‘Everything is Flipped’: Russiagate Scandal Will ‘Backfire’ on Dems in 2020

  • Indictment-Induced Assange Anxiety
    02:16 25.05.2019

    Indictment-Induced Assange Anxiety

  • Dan Coats testifies before the Senate (Select) Intelligence Committee on his nomination to be the next director of national intelligence in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC
    01:55 25.05.2019

    US Intel Community to Cooperate in Probe of Trump Aide Spy Case - Statement

  • Syrian Army in As-Suwayda. File photo
    01:40 25.05.2019

    Chemical Attack Claims Aimed at Curbing Syrian Anti-Terrorism Efforts - Damascus

  • A German intelligence agent may have sold a top-secret list revealing the true identities of thousands of German spies around the world.
    01:29 25.05.2019

    ‘Exclusive Intel’ Claims Iran Cuts Funding to Allies Amid Economic War - Report

  • President Donald Trump welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe outside the West Wing of the White House
    01:27 25.05.2019

    Trump to Meet New Japanese Emperor, Hold Bilateral Talks With PM Abe

  • People take part in a demonstration called Global Strike for Climate 2 in Brussels
    01:24 25.05.2019

    Students Across 125 Countries Skip Class to Protest Climate Change (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

  • Mini McDonald’s Beehives Create Buzz in Sweden
    01:00 25.05.2019

    Mini McDonald’s Beehives Create Buzz in Sweden

  • Venezuelan Bolivarian Army soldiers stand guard at the Tienditas International Bridge that links Colombia and Venezuela, near Urena, Venezuela, Friday, Feb. 8, 2019.
    00:58 25.05.2019

    Riot in Venezuelan Detention Centre Kills 29 - Source

    Political Crisis in Venezuela