16:39 GMT25 February 2021
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    After nearly a year of rumors and speculations, an expert working for the United Nations confirmed that rocket engine components produced in Ukraine had apparently made their way to North Korea and were being used to manufacture Pyongyang's ballistic missiles.

    Dmitry Kiku, a member of the UN team on North Korea sanctions, told Sputnik that Kiev had confirmed the high likelihood of Ukrainian-manufactured components being used by North Korean ballistic missile engineers.

    "Responding to a request by a team of experts, Ukraine confirmed that North Korean rocket engines most likely contain Ukrainian-made elements," Kiku said.

    He also pointed out that in 2017 a number of media publications suggested that the North Korean ballistic missile program may use rocket engines containing parts of the Soviet-made RD-250 rockets  built at the Yuzhmash plant located in present-day Ukraine.

    In August 2017, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council penned a report claiming that Ukraine did not provide any permits for supplies of military and dual-use goods, in particular RD-250 rocket engines, their modifications and accessories.

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    However, the report authors noted that it was possible for RD-250 rocket engine components to end up in North Korea.


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