12:46 GMT13 August 2020
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    How are you dealing with the winter chill? Are you tucking yourself up in bed under a fluffy blanket and sipping hot chocolate, or going out to face the cold head on? Parisians seem to enjoy the best of both worlds as they splash about in an open-air cinema fitted with a swimming pool – or is that the other way round?

    A swimming pool, frequented by hordes of Parisians on chilly winter days, located in Butte-aux-Cailles district, has been heated by data center servers operating in neighboring basements since May 16 last year.

    Thanks to their cooling systems, the water temperature does not fall below +27 °C. Added to that, the swimming pool even uses artesian water.


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    The Boréal cinema has recently attempted to provide even more fun for the visitors to the pool by playing films on the large screen right in front of them.  The first cinema show, which featured 14 short motion pictures took place on Saturday, February 3.

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    And the viewers enjoyed even warmer – up to +33°C – pool water for the occasion. For just 3,50 euros, you can comfortably stretch on a deckchair or watch the movie tucked up in a warm blanket.

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    If it proves popular, the cinema shows may become a regular occurrence.

    Quick to react to the project, Paris' Mayor Anne Hidalgo tweeted:

    "Jump into a pool with your head down or, alternatively, see a film in the cinema? You won’t have to make a choice tonight  in Butte-aux-Cailles swimming pool: you will be able to enjoy an open-air cinema while swimming in the pool."

    Not all netizens shared the Mayor’s delight, as many of them took the news with a pinch of salt. 

    Staphanie Patoor, for instance, noted that that it requires a certain amount of bravery to go swimming at this time of year, saying she prefers to leave her kids at home in such nasty weather conditions to avoid the continual ear aches that it entails. 

    Netizen Maxime W. wrote: "and on leaving the pool, you will face a slew of aggressive homeless guys by Marx Dormo metro station, right before arriving to see a romantic exhibition dedicated to Che Gevara."

    ​Whatever the case, it seems to be worth a try, at least once.

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