02:36 GMT05 August 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Canadian transport agency Metrolinx said its computers had been hit by North Korean hackers earlier in January, the CBC broadcaster reported.

    According to the media report, citing an anonymous source in the agency, the virus allegedly routed through Russia and targeted the company's computer systems.

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    The attack did not result in the failure of safety systems or a privacy breach, according to the agency's spokesperson. No other details of the attack have so far been provided for "security reasons," the broadcaster says.

    North Korea's deputy UN ambassador Kim In Ryong stressed that attempts to link North Korea with the cyberattacks were "ridiculous."

    Pyongyang has been often accused of launching cyberattacks. In particular, the US, Britain and Australia blamed North Korea for being behind the spread of the WannaCry virus in May 2017, which blocked computers around the world with messages flashing on the screen demanding money to remove the restriction.


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