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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Yemeni counterpart Abdulmalik Abduljalil Al-Mekhlafi, left, during a meeting in Moscow

    Lavrov: US Actions in Syria Either 'Provocation' or Lack of Understanding

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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Yemen's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdel-Malek al-Mekhlafiare are expected to answer questions on bilateral relations and elaborate on the crisis in Yemen.

    On January 22, Lavrov is holding a joint press conference in Moscow with his Yemeni counterpart following the meeting between the two diplomats.

    During the meeting, the Russian minister stated that Moscow expected that the acute humanitarian situation in Yemen would prompt the parties to the conflict to switch from military actions to negotiations, adding that Russia was ready to provide assistance to such talks.


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    Russian, Yemeni Foreign Ministers Hold Press Conference in Moscow (VIDEO)
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      Houthis Main Obstacle to Settlement Process in Yemen - Yemeni Minister

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      Russia Could Play Exceptional Role in Yemeni Peace Process - Yemen's FM

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      Yemen Submits Request to Russia for Iran to Stop Interfering in the Country's Internal Affairs – Yemeni Minister

    • 12:57

      Lavrov on US Actions in Syria: Either 'Provocation' or Lack of Understanding of the Situation

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      US Discouraging Kurds From Having Dialogue With Damascus - Lavrov

    • 12:51

      US Fueling Separatist Sentiments Among Kurds Ignoring Delicate Nature of Kurdish Issue - Lavrov

      "The United States has long been dissuading the Kurds, with whom they are cooperating, from dialogue with Damascus. Washington has actively encouraged and continues to encourage separatist sentiment among the Kurds, completely ignoring the sensitive nature and regional dimensions of the Kurdish problem," Lavrov told a press conference.

    • 12:48

      Lavrov Calls for Respect for Syria's Territoral Integrity Amid Turkish Ooperation in Afrin

      Lavrov recalled the statements made by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense, in which Moscow called for "restraint and respect for the territorial integrity of Syria."

      "We have long been paying attention to the fact that the United States has set its sights on creating alternative authorities on the Syrian territory. Washington is carrying out both open and covert arms deliveries to Syrian groups they are cooperating with, first and foremost to the SDF based on the Kurdish militia," the Russian minister said.

    • 12:44

      Murder of President Saleh Planned to Disrupt Peaceful Settlement in Yemen - Lavrov

    • 12:36

      Lavrov: Settlement Initiatives Forced From Outside Are Counterproductive

      "Only the Yemenis themselves can determine the fate of their country, and Russia, which maintains contacts with all parties, is ready to contribute to this. We felt that Russia’s approach meets understanding and support in the Republic of Yemen," according to Lavrov.

      Russia considers it necessary not only to continue but also to intensify the international settlement efforts with the central role of the United Nations in creating conditions for the establishment of a stable dialogue with the participation of all political forces in Yemen.

    • 12:31

      Moscow Plans to Continue Dialogue With Yemeni Houthis

      "We will continue our dialogue with the Houthis, with other Yemeni political associations, with all interested states, including the Arab coalition, on which the further development of events in that country and around it depends, prompting all who can contribute to making the situation calmer and the transition from a military scenario to a political dialogue, to do so as soon as possible," Lavrov told reporters.

    • 12:29

      Lavrov Says Russia Welcomes Easing of Yemen's Blockade by Saudi-Led Coalition


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