03:19 GMT12 May 2021
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    With the universally anticipated Christmas season approaching, Muslim radicals really seem to be flying off the handle.

    As Amir Khan, a former boxing world champion and a devout Muslim, shared a video on Twitter featuring a lit-up Christmas tree, it promptly triggered a storm of negative feedback from a number of Muslims, who seemed to have ignored the fact that it was all done for Khan’s two-year-old daughter Lamaisah.

    "Being a good father and teaching your kids the right path and what religion involves, not feeding them with things that are not allowed in Islam."

    "[I] think your head needs a wobble. Shirk is the biggest sin."

    One Instagram pushed even harder as he threatened to kill the sporting star:

    "I promise to God i want kill you and your family Amir."

    Though less radical en masse, most of the criticism was still centered around Khan keeping “pagan” Christmas traditions, one user even referring to Muslims setting up Christmas trees as "keyboard warriors."



    There were multiple voices trying to reconcile the two parties, claiming Jesus was one of the prophets, who are generally much cherished figures in Islam. 

    "Muslims will NEVER slate our Prophet Jesus peace be upon him because we believe in him, love him and follow his teachings, just like the rest of the Prophets."

     They went on to say it is totally wrong to become divided over religious, and more specifically, ritual issues:

    "The point here is to RESPECT other religions, not project hate because a Muslim merely EMBRACED another's religion."

    "This is a perfect example of someone creating a 'us and them' situation. Smh."

    The claims were immediately countered by Muslim purists, who drew the line between Islam and the aforementioned prophets:

    "I really don't understand why you mentioning our Qur'an with Christmas loll. Christmas has NOTHING to do with Islam or the mentioned Prophets as stated, so please leave the pagan beliefs of Christmas out of our religion. Thanks"

    The humane approach, though, prevailed, with many saying everything that matters is certainly love:

    "Being a good Father for your daughter and caring about her makes you a good Person no matter what religion! If you give love you receive Love."

    Some even ironically summed it all up noting integration in the UK seems to have hit a roadblock. 

     "Read these comments, he’s getting trolled for having a Christmas tree up: integration coming along nicely in England I see!!"


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