14:37 GMT +317 July 2019
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    Yonder Star: Asteroid to Fly Terrifyingly Close to Earth Before Christmas

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    Astronomers noted that the space rock's path will miss Earth's orbit by only several million miles, the Daily Mail reported.

    A giant asteroid called 3200 Phaethon will come within terrifying proximity of our planet just a week before Christmas, on December 17, with scientists saying the vast space rock should be relatively easy to spot, according to Russian astronomers.

    The asteroid is believed to cause a spectacular meteor shower, which can be seen between December 13 and 14, metro.co.uk wrote.

    For their part, NASA astronomers stated that since they started studying near-Earth objects, this is the first time when an asteroid of this size has approached our planet so close.

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    The "encounter with the Earth" will give scientists an excellent opportunity to closer analyze the asteroid with the help of ground-based radars.


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