20:46 GMT04 December 2020
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    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has thanked US President Donald Trump for making him famous by constantly criticizing him.

    "He [Trump] has made me famous around the world. Every time he mentions me, they love me more," Maduro said Sunday during his weekly program on state TV, as quoted by Reuters.

    Maduro recently came back to Venezuela, after a trip to Russia, Belarus and Turkey.

    The Venezuelan president added that he was "honored" that the leader of the "empire" mentions him every day.

    "That means I'm doing something right!" he said.

    Maduro ironically noted that Trump has lambasted him and his ruling Socialist Party so often that the American president has "become the head of the Venezuelan opposition." 

    Trump has called the Maduro government a "dictatorship" and accused it of suppressing democracy in the country. In turn, Maduro accused Washington of meddling in Venezuela’s domestic affairs with the goal of regime change.

    On August 25, Trump signed an executive order imposing new financial sanctions against the Venezuelan government in order to put financial pressure on the government led by Maduro.

    On August 12, Trump stated that the United States did not rule out the possibility of military action in Venezuela, citing a rising number of protest-related deaths in the country.

    Venezuela plunged into turbulence in March, when the Venezuelan Supreme Court decided to restrict the power of the legislature. The decision was reversed amid a backlash, but supporters of the Parliament, who strive for the dismissal of the court members, took to the streets, marking the start of deadly protests, which have so far claimed the lives of over 120 people.


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