22:29 GMT14 April 2021
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    US President Trump has come up with yet another description of President Putin, calling him a "tough cookie" when asked to describe a number of acquaintances in just one word.

    The US leader appeared in Fox News' Watters' World show on Saturday, just before his Nashville rally, where anchor Jesse Watters asked him to describe a number of acquaintances in just one word.

    The viewers then learned that there are "bad people" at MSNBC network, that their president is "disappointed" in Hillary Clinton and that "Pocahontas would not be proud of" Elizabeth Warren, who is nothing but "craziness and anger."

    When asked to describe Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Trump responded:

    "Don't know him, but certainly he's a tough cookie. I don't know how he's doing for Russia, but I guess we'll find out one day."

    Interestingly enough, Vladimir Putin, in turn, earlier described Donald Trump as a "bright ", "undoubtedly talented" person.

    The two men have never met, but both have said they want to try to mend battered US-Russia ties, which have fallen to their lowest level since the Cold War.

    Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated establishing a political dialogue with Moscow, particularly in regards to the fight against terrorism, and expressed readiness to build positive relations with Russia. Moscow has long been promoting the idea of fruitful cooperation with Washington.

    After the leaders' phone talks on January 28, the Kremlin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the presidents had noted the importance of respect in relations.

    The Kremlin earlier said that there was talk of a possible meeting between President Putin and President Trump taking place before a G20 summit in July in Hamburg, Germany, "if there is no agreement" on earlier talks.

    Slovenia, the birthplace of US First Lady Melania Trump, is seeking to host the inaugural meeting between the leaders.

    Commenting on the issue, Slovene Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said that "there are no objections to this from the American or the Russian side."

    ​The US president, however, have been criticized for his good-minded remarks about the Russian leader. For example, his tweet where he called Vladimir Putin a "smart guy" for not retaliating against new penalties imposed by the Obama administration for Russia's alleged interference in the US election, caused a backlash from US politicians from both parties.

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