11:08 GMT +328 March 2017
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    Russian Legislators Balk at US Openness to Seoul, Tokyo Developing Nuclear Bombs

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    If South Korea and Japan decide to obtain nuclear weapons, they, like North Korea, will face international sanctions in line with the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Vladimir Dzhabarov, first deputy head of the Russian Upper House's International Affairs Committee, said in response to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's remarks on the matter.

    RIA Novosti quoted Vladimir Dzhabarov, first deputy head of the Russian Upper House's International Affairs Committee, as saying South Korea and Japan will almost certain face international sanctions in accordance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty if they decide to build their own nuclear weapons.

    The statement came after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that he did not rule out the possibility of Washington's allies in Asia obtaining nuclear weapons in order to address the nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

    When asked if he would rule out the nuclearization of US allies in the region, Tillerson told Fox News in an interview that "nothing has been taken off the table."

    He said that the US is against a conflict with North Korea, however, it is not ruling out new, broader UN sanctions against Pyongyang because of its missile and nuclear programs.

    He added that Washington would like to see a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, but added that it might become necessary to accept Japan becoming a nuclear power if the situation unfolded unfavorably.

    "In this case, Russia could turn to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons," Dzhabarov said, citing international sanctions against North Korea.

    According to him, the treaty stipulates that the same sanctions could be levied against Japan and South Korea if they possess nuclear weapons.

    Dzhabarov said he believes that Tillerson's proposal is unlikely to be supported by the international community, since "China does not need the emergence of new nuclear powers in its backyard."

    He described Tillerson's statement as a kind of attempt to lay the groundwork (for a new geopolitical reality in the region); something that he said was made in connection with North Korea's latest ballistic missile tests.

    Franz Klintsevich, first deputy head of the Russian Upper House's Committee on Defense and Security, said for his part that the US attempt to operate outside the norms of international politics (by allowing countries to side-step international anti-proliferation treaties) is "the worst thing imaginable."

    According to him, it's too early to accuse Washington of upsetting the established order, but "the first wake-up call has already sounded."

    "I do not admit that the United States is really considering the possibility of South Korea and Japan obtaining nuclear weapons. However, Rex Tillerson's statement is alarming," Klintsevich was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

    He added that it's unclear whether Tillerson's statement was addressed to North Korea, Russia or China.

    "Pyongyang has long been afraid of nothing and I even do not rule out that after this statement, North Korea will launch another ballistic missile. If Tillerson's statement was addressed to China or Russia, it makes one think seriously," he said.

    North Korea declared itself a nuclear power in 2005. The United States, Japan and South Korea, as well as Russia and China, took part in talks with Pyongyang between 2003 and 2009 on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, but North Korea withdrew from the negotiations.

    Since the beginning of 2016, North Korea has carried out a number of missile launches and nuclear tests, with the latest being the launch of four missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan, conducted on March 6, 2017, leading to escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

    In December 2016, the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea, which aim to cut the country's export revenue in response to its repeated nuclear tests.

    South Korea, Japan and the US subsequently announced harsher, unilateral sanctions against Pyongyang, which include blacklisting entities and individuals who facilitate the North's nuclear activities and trade.

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      IF JAPAN mulls that is making nukes, Russia should place some ISKANDER armed with nukes at KURIL CHAIN and Sakhalin Island

      I keep repeating, Russia should NOT give WINGS to JAPAN at KURIL. Do JAPAN give same to China?
      Then why? ONLY currency at KURIL'S should be the RUBLE and NEW electronic payments Russia HAVE. NOT no one else. JAPAN included.
      ONLY Russian connected infrastructure. Rus military, Coast guard Emercom, some Nat guard, Civil Defense, And whatever else ONLY Russian. Police included.
      there should be drones, patrolling, and drone rescue.
      Perhaps, private drones, so people never be ALONE!!
      I would allow 30 days no visa. But THAT'S IT!!
      And ancestors visiting burial sites.

      Russia made them THINK they can turn Kuril into JAPANESE ISLANDS, Then guess who is watching for COLOR REVOLUTIONS.
      The DAY PUTIN leaves for ever out of Kremlin and politics, he should pass on a STRONG state. NOT a GORBACHEV JOKE..
      Gorbachev mistake? ATTEMPT to remove sanctions. Was best to begin slowly but sure the democratization and market change of Soviet Union. Soviets could had rule alongside. Soviet would had accepted. How you can TRUST the same people that KILLED the TSAR FAMILY?
      Stalin lost control of MOST of Russia.
      Because the sponsors, divided Russia after the violent COUP. The IDEA was to end the BIGGEST EMPIRE on EARTH..
      And the war that Russia was again winning and grab the resources.
      JAPAN was with them too. JAPAN was the last to be KICKED OUT by the RED ARMY. how can you TRUST JAPAN?
      Ask CHINA , the last emperor. And many others.
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      US (neocon led by McCain, Clinton & Soros) is definitely out for a big (very possibly) nuclear conflict directly jeopardizing lives of their own citizens too. How reckless?
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      Non proliferation treaty, errr Israel.
    • Hermes
      Games like this are likely to spark off a first strike. The USA thinks it's a good strategy to to stimulate the likelyhood of a contained regional nuclear conflict on the continent and stay out of a global conflict. Atleast since 1954 they have acknowledged that a global conflict would mean their own demise and there is nothing that scares them more. So they tried to work around the problem. They first filled up Pakistan with nukes and now the other front states allied to the USA soon will have their own 'independent' (Nothing to do with USA) nuclear force too A regional conflict on the continent would potentially mean the end of China an Russia so why get involved in a global one. As long as the Russians and Chinese understand that USA is really their friend and has no connection to it there would be no need to fear retaliation. There would would be no need for public shelter too, so they closed that down years ago. The thing it all comes down to is how well you tell your lies and Americans think they are very good at that, So what can go wrong? Studies by the pentagon have shown that a continental nuclear war would have little to no impact on the environment in the new world so there are no worries there.
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      OU OH! Looks like Trump is in it for another Nobel Peace Award!
    • Alan Reid
      Looks like the hidden hand sowing nukes is looking to to pop the nuclear battle cherry. Get us all used to having nukes being used because they are not as bad as we all know they are. MAD is a out dated and useless concept. We live in a harsh world and need harsh measures to maintain control... Blah Blah Blah.. We need GALLOWS and the will to force these scumbags into a great big line to feed them. Perhaps a big long kids slide hooked on to a wood chipper. what ever it takes to end this NUCLEAR contamination nightmare.
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