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    This Tuesday, March 7, 2017 frame grab from video provided by Arab 24 network, shows U.S. forces patrol on the outskirts of the Syrian town, Manbij, a flashpoint between Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters and U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, in al-Asaliyah village, Aleppo province, Syria

    Why Russia, Iran Are Frozen Out of Anti-Daesh Meeting in US

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    Commenting on the news that neither Russia, nor Iran, two key countries in the fight against Daesh, have been invited to the anti-Daesh meeting of 68 countries to be hosted by the US, Russian political analysts suggested that the coalition wants to downgrade their roles and is reluctant to share any success with the two states.

    Washington is set to host a ministerial meeting of 68 US-led coalition nations fighting against Daesh (Islamic State/ ISIS) on March 22-23.
    However two key players in the region actively fighting against the jihadists, Russia and Iran, have not been invited to the gathering because, according to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, "they’re not part of the global coalition."

    Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented that it is quite possible to discuss the fight against Daesh without Russia's participation, but it is impossible to defeat them without Russia.

    Meanwhile, Semyon Bagdasarov, Head of the Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies suggested that Russia has not been invited in order to show that it does not play any role in the fight against the terrorists, however this is far from true, to put it mildly.

    In his interview with Russia's online newspaper Vzglyad he suggested that this is part of the information against Russia, and it is set to continue in the future.

    The political analyst also said that there are military operations currently being planned to liberate Mosul and Raqqa. If these offensives are successful, he suggested, the members of the coalition will claim all the success to themselves and will blame Russia for not doing enough in the fight.

    The real aim, he then said, is not to "share the victory." Trump, he said, is a tougher leader than Barack Obama hence he won't make any concessions in the sharing of the victory.

    Meanwhile, Evgeny Satanovsky, head of the Moscow-based Middle East Institute said that there are countries within the US-led coalition which are actually supporting the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

    "What anti-terrorist coalition can there be which includes Saudi Arabia and Qatar, when the first is financing al-Qaeda and the second – the Islamic State? What anti-terrorist fight could they be talking about sitting in the same very room with the sponsors of the terrorists, pretending that nobody understands and notices it?" he questioned.

    He further recalled that these particular countries have been sending their money until the terrorists grew to such a number that Russia had to fly to Syria to fight with them.

    The expert however added that, nevertheless, Washington is cooperating with Russia in Syria, recalling the recent meeting of Russian, Turkish and US military chiefs in Antalya.

    On March 7, Turkey’s military chief of staff, General Hulusi Akar, was hosting a meeting with the heads of the US and Russian armed forces in the southern Turkish province of Antalya to discuss the Syrian conflict, among others.

    "Why should Trump reveal that the US is cooperating with Russia? They have already been claiming that he, with the help of our hackers and our money has been elected president. Hence it would be suicide to initiate any official negotiations with Russia in the political arena," he said, adding that meanwhile, the military of the two countries continue "cooperating closely and fruitfully."

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      The name of the meeting is DASH, the missions are somewhere else. So, the outcome of the meeting could be little to nothing. Or could be big and complicated that Russia and Iran must take notice. If disagreement is the result, great for both. If bribery can form coalition, tough for both.
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      From the beginning the US and its minions are responsible for the creation and support of Daesh and that continues to this day.
      Russia, Iran and Syria are ridding the world of US-Daesh....three countries are defeating the US's claimed 68 partners....I wouldn't want the Russians there either...it would be to embarassing as Russia has shown how incompetant the US leadership is at every turn!
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      Russians and Americans may not cooperate at all if the US deep state decide so. There is always be a strangle for peace until there is a balance of power, and new international agreements. Till then we need patience and vigilance.
    • sapper
      Why would anyone want to trust the US and it's buddies at this late stage of the game?? They're having this meeting to talk about how to screw things up again, what else???
    • Nam
      What a joke.
      Also, why can one post via facebook but not via vKontakt???
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      Both Trump and his idiot Secretary of State Tillerson are continuing the stupidity of the previous US regime. The SAA, IRAN, Hezbollah & Russia need to get to Raqqa and wipe out anyone there who wasn't invited by the elected Government of Syria as they're ALL terrorists (ISIS, Turkey, US (the biggest)).
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      This appears Cabinet level led.
      Trump gives them rope - to weave or to hang themselves.
      Unlike prior presidents, trump will let them hang or cut them loose.
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      jasin reply toTravelAbout(Show commentHide comment)
      TravelAbout, From the article:
      "Why should Trump reveal that the US is cooperating with Russia? They have already been claiming that he, with the help of our hackers and our money has been elected president. Hence it would be suicide to initiate any official negotiations with Russia in the political arena," he said, adding that meanwhile, the military of the two countries continue "cooperating closely and fruitfully."
    • Mikhas
      Who cares? These are the aggressively uninvited countries that under US command supports the very same terrorist proxies they say they want to defeat. That is the first thing that dont add up.

      Syria, Russia and Iran already did the hard work and ISIS is almost defeated. What this is about is that it is yet another western attempt to snatch the victory from Russia and the defenders of Syria's integrity. Russia's job is now to keep the initiative. russia calls the shots in Syria and the US cant do sh*t about it.
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      That's ignorance to a whole level, how stupid, Russia is way more serious in fighting terrorism than US, who interns is letting Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and others who support ISIS in on the conference. Thanks US government more ignorance.
    • Blackie
      Trump wants a greater Israel.
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      Why (Title)? Give us a break, 7,500,000,000 of souls alive today can easily answer.
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      sure they are ..guys, but reality must prevail!
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      elsa.zardiniin reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, Yeah, obviously, but he also knows that it is the end of the chess game, the jews vs. God Triune. Who is going to win?

      but he also known
    • Hermes
      ..........ussian political analysts suggested that the coalition wants to downgrade their roles and is reluctant to share any success with the two states............

      the coalietion hasn't got any successes to share. Their main 'success'is still under development in Mosul and the objectives of that operation are dubious to say the least. It's main purpose seems to be to drive jihadist psychos in to Syria.
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      Antares Prime
      Russia and Iran, not to mention Syria itself, the countries that have done the most to defeat Daesh, as opposed to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, the very origins of Wahhabism and takfiri ideology. Par for the course. Too bad Trump is on the same old bandwagon as his predecessors in this regard. Sheldon Adelson bought him foreign policywise before the election.
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      Well looks like Trump said he would fight ISIS along with Russia. Looks like lot of talk.
      Truth is Trump is Lameduck these two war mongers are key.
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