19:25 GMT21 February 2020
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin's interference is necessary because "international organizations know what is happening in Mexico, but do nothing," the author of a Spanish-language petition urging Putin to intervene in Mexico's internal affairs to solve the country's corruption problem told Sputnik Mundo.

    In an exclusive interview with Sputnik Mundo, the author of a Spanish-language petition urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene in Mexico's internal affairs to resolve the country's corruption problem, said that Putin's interference is necessary because "international organizations know what is happening in Mexico, but do nothing."

    "The political situation in Mexico is in its worst condition in history," the petition, published on Saturday on the website change.org, read.

    The author of the petition is a Mexican journalist known by the pseudonym Freppo Sovietico. Speaking to Sputnik Mundo under condition of anonymity, he said that President Putin has the ability to change the situation in Mexico.

    "I appeal to Putin because I know that he against the new world order due to be established by the US and other countries. After the beginning of Russia's air campaign in Syria, it became clear that it is Putin who can oppose the Mexican government, which is under US influence," Freppo Sovietico said.

    He suggested that the Russian leader could help "change Mexico's direction," that is, move it away from the US.

    He also criticized the policy pursued by the Mexican government and dependence on the country's elite. The journalist said that the situation has worsened due to the crisis caused by rising gasoline prices.

    "Recently, there have been many problems with the United States, which is why it would be possible to build relations between Mexico and Russia," he explained. 

    "All of Latin America is tired of the United States. The decisions made by Mexico are only focused on their compliance with Washington's interests. We just need to change the policy and choose a different course for our country, something that is opposed by the government but supported by people," he said.

    He added that he knew that "the petition will provoke a wild public outcry because many in Latin America support Vladimir Putin."

    The petition, which has so far been signed 14,822 people, was closed by the author on January 15 but reopened shortly after.

    "Sometimes I'm afraid of my government because justice [in Mexico] exists only for those involved in corruption. But I decided to resume the petition because I should never fear," Freppo Sovietico said.

    Asked about who could become a worthy president for Mexico, he pointed to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who he said is the only presidential candidate that can change the course of events in the country.

    Freppo Sovietico touted Obrador as a politician who stands for reducing the income of deputies and governors, raising the minimum wage, providing all students with access to universities and developing trade in Mexico.

    As for the petition, it particularly says that the current Mexican leader, Enrique Pena Nieto, is "not suitable for the role of president."

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