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    A Chinese national flag flutters in the wind in between a high-rise residential and office complex in Beijing, China. (File)

    China to Eventually Overtake US as Most Powerful Country - Kerry

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    US Secretary of State John Kerry thinks that China may soon surpass the US as the global leader.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — China may soon take the role of the United States as the most powerful country in the world, US Secretary of State John Kerry said during a speech at the US Naval Academy on Tuesday.

    "We’re the most powerful country on the planet, yes, and we’re the biggest economy in the world, yes, but China will be eventually just by virtue of its size," Kerry stated.


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      double bonus
      No it won't. How unpatriotic to ever say that?
    • Gregoire Trez
      For years now this has been a vision of fear, the reason to quickly conquer the entire world before the Chinese would. In the end they still think it holds the same fear factor even after their disastrous campaign to kill all arabs, russians, africans, and so on. If this is true let's hope those days will never return.
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      1 Kerry says "We’re the most powerful country on the planet, yes," So why did the US fail to win the Vietnam war and is unable to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan and the terrorists in Iraq and Syria?

      2 "and we’re the biggest economy in the world, yes," But 70% of it is consumption and the national debt is now $20 trillion. The US has the biggest debt on Earth.

      3 "but China will be eventually just by virtue of its size," Not just by its size alone but her people's willingness to work hard and consume less than they produce. China is already the biggest trading nation on Earth. On a PPP basis China's GDP is already higher then that of the US.
    • chiliboots
      In your Dreams, 'Lurch'.
    • avatar
      Redemption245in reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, 1. The US failed to win Vietnam and unable to defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan and Syria because the strategies and technology they have used have been ineffective.

      2. The US is the biggest economy on earth, you can check the statistics. The fact that it's consumer based should not make a difference, however if it wants to stay that way it has to move to an export based.

      3. You do realise that because of the US consumption there lies a reason for Chinese production. The entirety of the Chinese economy is based on manipulation, exploitation and customer appetite. It has nothing to do with hard work. In fact the Chinese are completely at the mercy of the US, they require the US to trade with them. It is for this reason and many others why the US will remain the most powerful country now and in the future. The US GDP is already the highest and it will stay that way, furthermore the US soon will once again become the largest trading nation on earth overtaking the Chinese.
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      Redemption245in reply toGregoire Trez(Show commentHide comment)
      Gregoire Trez, The Chinese will never conqueror the world because they know where that will lead. The US will remind the Chinese and the rest of the world why it is the most powerful country. Soon all will accept it.
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