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    Could a Blood Test Predict How Well You Will Age?

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    Advances in genetics and the cataloging of biomarkers have made it possible for a single blood test to reveal if a person is aging in a healthy manner and how to observe caution for the risks of developing specific age-related health conditions.

    One cannot judge a person's overall health based on chronological age, as much depends on a complicated combination of lifestyle, genes and, of course, luck. What can give a clearer picture is the pattern of chemicals in blood, according to the authors of a recent study published in the journal Aging Cell.

    Researchers measured the levels of 19 biomarkers in the blood samples of some 4,700 people aged 30 to 110 who globally participated in an ongoing Long Life Family Study. In previous research the levels of these biomarkers revealed the condition of various functions in the human body, including the immune system and metabolism, varied with age.

    Using a type of algorithm, the researchers identified 26 biomarker signatures among study participants that are predictive of certain physical and cognitive functioning, indicating health risks.

    A "disease-free aging" Signature 2, associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and a lower risk of death over the 8-year study period was found in about one quarter of the participants.

    Lead study author Paola Sebastiani, a professor of biostatistics at the Boston University School of Public Health, said in a statement that she hopes the biomarker signatures can be used "to detect the effects, or absence of effects" of drugs much earlier than current trials do.

    Potentially, with more research, this type of testing could be all you need to guarantee yourself a long and healthy life.    


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